mVisa, the scan to pay service coming to 8 Kenyan banks, free mobile money transfers.

Andrew Torre,Visa GCM at the launch of mVisa

Visa on July 13th launched their new mobile payment platform, mVisa in Nairobi. The service is aimed at helping customers make card-less purchases, pay bills, send and receive money from their bank accounts both locally and internationally.

Transactions are made by scanning a fixed QR code at a merchant’s check out station with your mobile phone or entering the mVisa Merchant ID on your bank’s USSD menu, entering amount to be paid, completing the transaction by authorizing with a PIN and you will receive an instant payment confirmation.

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At the event, Visa announced the first batch of its commercial bank partners who will support the service, and also offer free mobile money transfers.


With mVisa, consumers can directly access all of the funds in their bank accounts to pay merchants (person-to-merchant or P2M) or individuals (person-to-person or P2P). Because the transaction runs through the Visa network, VisaNet, the consumers and merchants do not need to be customers of the same bank or mobile operator. This also brings VisaNet’s scale, security and reliability of Visa to mobile payments in emerging markets.

mVisa will also be accepted at thousands of merchant locations across the country including Nakumatt, KenolKobil, IMAX Theaters, Zucchini, Little Cab, Kenya Airways, and Bata. mVisa will soon be accepted at thousands of merchants aggregated through Direct Pay Online and Jambo Pay, enabling an even easier eCommerce experience for Kenyans.

To use the service you need a smartphone with a data connection and your bank’s mobile-app that supports mVisa, downloaded on your phone or any phone that can access your bank’s USSD platform. Visit this page to learn more on how mVisa works.