Coming: TechPost re-branding and redesigning to cover the emerging African digital revolution better

  • Well I am anxiously waiting for this great change, about the “Connected to innovation hotpots”, that is extremely brilliant and if possible I suggest you also put in consideration building a database for all the tech companies in Africa or even in the whole world if that scope is also within your set goals as it will help in venture capitalists to easily access information about tech startups and decide whether to work with them or otherwise.

    With that said am just waiting for the great changes that have been well elaborated in this article

    • Hey Julius, thanks for your response. Building a comprehensive database of Tech companies across Africa was the initial idea. As you can tell it’s a daunting task which is why we want to roll it out in phases by first working closely with those that are close or have the ground knowledge of these budding companies — innovation hubs.

      As we collaborate together with the hubs and other stakeholders, and as demand for this kind of information grows, we shall then organically built this database more easily, quickly and efficiently.

  • rogekk

    great stuff… cant wait

  • Tadious

    Have the great move you people have moved into.