what is the difference in speed for mifi versus wifi

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which works faster mifi or wifi
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They are both wireless routers, the "m" in mifi stands for mini so "mifi" is mini wifi and its typically less powerful than ordinary wifi routers but only in terms of the number of people who can connect to it at once and in signal range than. If you have 42 Mbps mifi and a 42 Mbps WiFi router, the mifi internet may seem slower because of its shorter range
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Unless you mean a Mifi router. But Mifi and Wifi are different.  MiFi is a 3G or 4G portable, battery-powered router. Since WiFi is a wireless network standard while a MiFi is an actual internet device, MiFis often have WiFi built in...read full post here http://www.dignited.com/14712/mifi-and-wifi-heres-a-very-simple-way-of-telling-the-difference/