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About Dignited Answers

Dignited Answers is a vibrant community of users that ask and answers questions evolving Everyday Technology-related problems. Members of the platform are allowed to ask questions relating to problems they are having with their smartphones, telecom networks, Banking and Payment systems, Utilities, Digital TV services, computers and hardware.

We think that sometimes the best way to find information is by simply asking a fellow human being rather than trusting the search engines to spew millions of irrelevant search results for your question. That's the power of Dignited Answers.

How Dignited Answers work

#1. Anybody can ask a question #2. Anybody can answer a question #3. The best answers are voted by the community up and rise to the top

Now here are some simple house rules

#1. Ask clear questions If you are serious about getting prompt answers to your question, then be as clear and specific as possible. Avoid asking generic questions such as "what is the best smartphone?". Best smartphone for who, where, best for what, camera, gaming? Rather you could frame your question as "What is the best Android smartphone for taking photos?". That's more specific and clear.
#2. Use proper grammar and spelling Please void using shorthand. Proofread your questions or answers before posting. Our intention is to make Dignited Answers a quality content platform that others people will find useful.

Contact Us

If you have any issues regarding the platform or simply wish to get intouch with the moderators of this platform, simply send email to editorial@dignited.com. Make it clear that your query is coming from Dignited Answers.