The 10 Accessories You Need to Purchase for Your MacBook in 2023

macbook and accessories

Finally got a Macbook? You’ve upgraded your streaming experience, work productivity, gaming, and more. The next step now is to enhance your overall experience with your new Macbook by getting functional accessories. 

So whether it’s making it more fun, customizing it to better fit your needs, or complementing it with another gadget, we’ve got you. Here are the ten best accessories you can purchase for your Macbook today.

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1. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Price: $14.99

macbook wireless mouse

Instead of opting for a magic mouse, you can buy this durable wireless Bluetooth mouse. For starters, it has a rechargeable battery with 2 hours of charging time. It also comes with an auto switch-off function which means it turns off once your PC is off or inactive for about eight minutes. 

This mouse is compatible with Mac OS, your iPad, Macbook Pro, Air, and other devices. It’s super lightweight and has a smooth surface. The performance is also high at 1600 dpi so you’re sure of an enjoyable work experience. 

2. Apple Airpods Pro (2nd Generation)

Price: $129.99

apple airpods pro 2nd gen

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) is one of the handiest accessories you’d need if you take a lot of meetings or business calls on your Macbook. These wireless earbuds come with 2x more noise cancellation compared to the first-generation Airpods pro.

The sound is also worth the price because it has personalized spatial audio so you can enjoy immersive music. Worried it might not fit right? There are now accompanying silicone tips in different sizes. So choose the right fit for you and secure your buds. 

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Perhaps the most important feature here is that you can enjoy up to 30 hours of listening time. The battery of this second generation comes with a 6-hour more playtime. 

3. USB – C Hub

Price: $29.99

Macbook accessory USB-C hub

Oftentimes, you’d need to send stuff, charge more items or generally connect devices to your Macbook. Because of how limiting the ports are, getting a USB-C hub will help make the entire process easier. 

There are two USB-A 3.0 ports that can transfer up to 5GB per second and charge up to [email protected]. It also has a USB Type C and HDMI interface. It can also accommodate up to 2TB cards. This Hub is portable and is a perfect size if you need a travel-sized adapter.

We also love that it’s compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, card readers, televisions and so much more.

4.  Charger Case Sack 

Price: $11..98

macbook accessory charger case

This charger case is perfect for travel. You can keep your MagSafe power adapters, phone chargers, power banks, MagSafe battery pack, USB C hub, Type C hub, and more. Asides from being water-resistant, it has assured protection from shock, shake, and scratch. 

5. OMOTON Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand

Price: $49.99

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laptop stand

Need to work from your bed, sofa, or in a laid-back position? This foldable laptop stand is great for all 16-inch Macbooks and below. It has a 360 rotating base that allows you to turn it to any angle. You can bring up your laptop to your eye level so your back and neck can stay upright. Since it’s foldable, you can carry it anywhere – coffee shops, your office, and pretty much everywhere.

6. Nulaxy laptop stand

Price: $19.99

nulaxy laptop stand

Would you prefer a different design for your laptop stand? This Nulaxy model might just be the right option for you. While it cannot accommodate laptops bigger than 15 inches, it has a detachable laptop riser notebook stand. 

Since it has a flat stand, you can also elevate your laptop screen by 7 inches high. So similar to our previous recommendation, with this accessory, you’re guaranteed of reducing your neck, back, and eye strain. It’s also moveable.

7. Logitech H390 Wired Headset

Price: $16.89

logitech wired headset

Does the Airpods Pro not appeal to you? Perhaps you’d prefer a headset with a more reliable microphone? Then you should add this wired headset to your cart. For starters, it has a noise-canceling microphone so you’re sure of being professional during your calls.  

It’s also designed for maximum comfort so your ears are covered with plush padded earcups. Adjust the volumes, mute your mic, and manage your controls through the headset cable. To use, you don’t need any additional setups – simply plug in using a USB connection.

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8. An Arae Laptop Sleeve Bag

Price: $12.59

Arae laptop bag

If you need to go to work, or simply just pack up your laptop and other accessories, this is a bag we highly recommend. Although it can only accommodate 13-inch laptops, it comes with an extra pocket in the front which is great for keeping your pens, chargers, notepads, and more. 

We also love that it’s waterproof so you can take it out under light showers. The overall design is slim and lightweight. That’s why it’s the perfect carry-on for daily travel.

9. IBENZER MacBook Air Case

Price: $13.99

macbook accessory aircase

Protect your device with this fun MacBook case. It’s compatible with all 2022, 2021, and 2020 MacBook Air 13-inch. It has a hard shell case, keyboard cover, and screen film so you can still use your touch ID. 

You can easily install and remove your protective case. Since it has micro clips that ensure it stays fastened to your device, you can easily take it off when you want to change it.

10. Apple EarPods Headphones

Price: $16.99

apple headphones

Old fashioned and old-school? Do you just love using regular wired earphones at work without them going over your head? You should definitely opt for the Apple headphones with a 3.5mm plug. It has a microphone with a built-in remote so you can control your music, phone calls, and the volume. 

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Is there any of the MacBook accessories you’d love to get? Do share this with us in the comments below. Also, share this post with a friend who might just need this.

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy


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