Zuku smart pack is the cheapest satellite pay TV package so far

Zuku TV, a Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand is offering the cheapest satellite Pay TV package on the market dubbed Zuku Smart. The new package includes regional as well as a variety of alternative genre channels with the main emphasis on local content. It costs Ugx 10,500 per month and comes with 31 TV channels plus local channels and 51 radio channels.

Zuku smart pack pricing in Uganda

The Zuku Smart pack is priced at Ugx 10,500. If you pay for six months subscription consecutively, will receive one month’s subscription free. The same applies to those who pay for six months in advance. However, subcribers will have to pay a hefty Ugx 200,000 installation and setup fee.

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Latest Zuku TV packages and prices   
Zuku Smart PackZuku ClassicZuku Premium
Installation & startup feeUGX 200,000UGX 200,000UGX 200,000
Monthly SubscriptionUGX 10,500UGX 23,500UGX 33,500
Number of TV Channels3170102
Number of Radio Channels515151

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Zuku smart pack pricing in Kenya

Subscribers in Kenya will have to pay ksh 399 for the Zuku smart pack which is much cheaper than Zuku classic and Zuku Premium. Zuku classic is priced at ksh 999 while Zuku premium costs ksh 1399. Zuku Asia at an additional payment of 999 monthly.

In Zambia, the new 30-channel Smart Pack which costs K720 includes children’s channels, news media such as Al Jazeera, religious stations and a range of regional channels. The K35-per-month service also includes local channels ZNBC TV 1 and 2 and QTV. The price includes full kit, installation and one month’s premium subscription.

Image: Zuku Facebook page