Amazon Introduces Echo Look, a Smart Hands-Free Camera That Will Check Your Style and Fashion

amazon echo look

The best moment to define your daily smartness is in front of the dressing mirror. It is then that your smartphone will capture an impressive selfie, which would definitely mark your start to the day. How about having a camera that will instantly give you fashion tips and tell you what to wear? The Amazon Echo Look is there for you.

Amazon has unveiled this new selfie camera, integrated with AI assistant Alexa, with the capability to compare the photos of different outfits you’re wearing and judge which one is more suitable for that very moment.

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The 5-megapixel camera comes with a base, to stand on a shelf or stick to a wall; with four LEDs for lighting, a depth-sensing system, and a microphone array to receive commands just like other Echo products. It is not always on, so a user can only awaken it using an “Alexa” command.

source: WIRED

While taking photos, the depth sensor lets you blur the background, making your attire stand out from your surroundings. The photos and videos taken are instantly uploaded to the Echo Look app, and stored in Amazon’s cloud, from where you can share them on social media, or even build a wardrobe photo-book of your clothing.

The app has a ‘Style Check’ feature that incorporates AI algorithms and advice from stylists. Here, you just take photos of two separate outfits and submit them to the feature to see which is better for the day. This can save you the need for getting a stylist to accord you with what and how to put on.

Echo Look can as well perform all the duties of other Echo devices, such as setting the alarm; getting headlines; playing music; and answering your questions.

Source: YouTube

Amazon is currently selling the $200 Echo Look on an invitation-only basis in the US.

Featured Image Credit: BusinessInsider