Top 3 Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

Over 80% of business-related files are now stored digitally; some companies even go all the way to 100% with their digitization.

The use of cloud-based business solutions and software integrated into existing operational workflows means the number will only get higher.

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With more of the business stored digitally, digital asset management (DAM) becomes an important part of the workflow. Documents, images, videos, and other digital assets need to be managed correctly. That is why good digital asset management software is crucial in bringing the right tools to the table.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Before we get to the benefits of digital asset management software, we need to ask an important question first: what is digital asset management?

As the name suggests, digital asset management is a way to manage digital files in a concurrent and continuous way. It is far more advanced than simply storing files in a joint cloud storage account.

For starters, digital asset management controls uploads. Metadata can be added to uploaded files to allow for better search and archiving. It also lays the foundation for other functions of the software.

With files in the cloud, working together or collaborating on them becomes easier. Several users can access and modify the same files, introduce updates to them, and get the final version approved, all while maintaining clear logs and maximum traceability.

At the same time, digital assets can be distributed in their final forms to third-party users. You no longer have to copy the files to a physical flash drive to get them to the printers or other service providers.

What Are the Main Benefits?

Good digital asset management brings a long list of benefits to the table. The ability to collaborate and maintain versions of digital assets is certainly a huge plus. The fact that you can access the information you need using search and tags certainly makes DAM software more functional.

Those aren’t even the top benefits of digital asset management software. The top three benefits of digital asset management software are:

  • Complete control of digital asset life-cycle. Access to digital assets can be given on different levels.
    Third-party service providers can only access the final, approved file, but designers, managers, and other team members can have different controls and abilities, including the ability to reuse the digital asset as a starting point for new ones.
  • Better brand consistency. Digital asset management, whether it is used to support sales or the creative department, is a handy tool for maintaining consistency.
    Team members can have access to all the digital assets they need, allowing processes like customer support, designing a new web banner, or even the formulation of marketing campaigns to be more consistent.
  • It’s incredibly efficient. With digital assets managed in a centralized way, additional measures such as redundancy and backups can be implemented across the board without fail.

Implementing Digital Asset Management

Implementing digital asset management is easy thanks to the solutions available today. Now that you know what digital asset management can do to your business and its internal processes, you can take a closer look at the available solutions and begin implementing DAM right away.

Image: Pixabay