Avechi Kenya partners with Lipa Later; You can now pay for products in installments

Picture this, you need to purchase an electronic device, maybe a laptop, a smartphone or a cooker but you’re a little short. If only there was a way to purchase the device thenpay up the balance in monthly installments.

Avechi Kenya; a rather popular Kenyan e-commerce site has partnered with Lipa Later to enable just that. Users can now purchase products on Avechi Kenya and have Lipa Later help them through a flexible monthly payment plan while they own the product.

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The offer is available on products such as;

  • Smartphones
  • Fridges,
  • Cookers,
  • Washing machines
  • TVs,
  • Home theaters, and
  • Furniture

Lipa Later is a company that is well-known for providing Kenyans with the opportunity to get hands on their favorite gadgets and pay in installments, usually with an interest on top.

For more info, please see Avechi Kenya’s official press statement on the partnership. Lipa Later also has a page dedicated to all the FAQ’s about their services.


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