Amazon Smartphone Rumored to Launch Soon

Photo by BGR

With rumors floating for a while now, it seems that all the pieces now fit together to safely assume that Amazon will be launching its smartphone. The Ecommerce giant has been teasing  the possibilities of a new phone since 2012 but nothing materialized till now.

Amazon released a teaser trailer showing customers excited about a device though they didn’t show what device it was. Many believe that,  this is most definitely the Amazon Smartphone. This was followed by an announcement of an event to be held on June the 18 in Seattle with no details still of what Amazon plans to announce at the event

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Leaked Photos
BGR exclusively published images of the Amazon phone showing an initial rugged design. It was later confirmed that the design included a casing that was meant to protect the phone’s design from prying eyes like yours. Now BGR has once again published what they believe are the real photos of how the phone will look like (Image above). The home button below the screen looks like the familiar Samsung while the bottom speakers and charging port look like the iPhone

Rumored Specs
The Amazon phone is said to feature a 4.7 – Inch HD display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and 6 cameras. The cameras are meant to enable 3D functionality that Amazon is said to have built into their phone that facilitates gesture based controls.

The Phone will definitely run a tweaked version of Android like Amazons Kindle Fire tablets with access to its own Mobile App Store for third party software.

One major question is whether Amazon is late to the mobile party. As much as that is a question of debate, one thing is clear; Amazon will build on its success and launch all the guns in its arsenal to make this work by creating unique selling points that many phone manufacturers may have ignored. Will this be the phone that dethrones the likes of Apple and Samsung? all we can do is wait and see.

Image by BGR