The TechPost getting bigger and better in 2013, but first here’s what the readers want

The TechPost has reached a tipping point where in an attempt to create more compelling content and reader engagement, we’ve to shoot for the skies. That said, we’ll have a complete redesign, rebrand and a migration from Blogger to WordPress come January 2013 and we’re absolutely thrilled for these upcoming changes. Started way back in July 2010 by one Tech Enthusiast, David Okwii and later joined by Onyait Odeke, a photographer, professional debater and mobile Tech freak, the TechPost is starting to be a favorite destination for for original and informed Tech news and analysis with a unique local perspective — what we like to call the localization and contextualization of Technology.

We are particularly proud of a growing and hyper active community on twitter (and soon to be on Facebook!) which we once again leaned to for what could constitute great content they would love to read here on the TechPost. We noticed that local content and more coverage of local innovations — something that the TechPost has been kin to do — were some of the most requested features. You can also tip us if you haven’t already on twitter by mentioning out handle, @tech_post or tell us in the comments. But for now, here’s what the most argent readers really want to see on the TechPost.

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