iROKOtv: The King of video-on-demand in Nigeria is coming to East Africa


Popular video-on-demand platform, iROKOtv is coming to East Africa in the coming 7 days. This is according to the controversial founder, Jason Njoku, in less than 140  characters.

Just to shed some light, iROKOtv has been lauded as the Netflix of Africa by the international media. A popular video on demand and  streaming  service in the U.S.  iROKOtv has aggregated the world’s largest online Nollywood catalogue, now standing at 5,000+ movies.

In the coming week iROKOtv will be expanding to Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in pursuit to growing it’s continental user base. Just like how Tecno closed its operations in Asia to entirely focus on Africa, iROKOtv is  heeding  the same path.

According to Jason’s blog, iROKOtv  just closed operations in its London office. Jason says, the major reason why iROKOtv greatly relies on the diaspora is because of the low levels of internet adoption on the continent. However, according  to TechCabal, Expanding to East Africa seems like the logical next step towards securing iROKOtv’s future. While Nigeria remains their primary market, it generates only around 3% of iROKOtv’s annual revenue. iROKOtv is currently active in 170 countries with an estimated 75,000 paying subscriber base. Expanding to East Africa has the potential to be more rewarding for iROKOtv, as the market is more mature when it comes to broadband infrastructure.

But that is changing, he says, “Africa is no longer the future.  Africa is now!”

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One thought on “iROKOtv: The King of video-on-demand in Nigeria is coming to East Africa

  1. I would like to see how this is adopted in East Africa, how he will bit issues of subscription, internet and competition with DStv and/ goTV African movie channels or even local channels that show Nollywood movies.

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