Our Best Ring Lights in 2023

Ring lights are becoming the number one creator’s tool. In the past, it was limited to professional photographers and videographers. However today, with the advent of video-sharing apps like Tiktok, ring lights have become popular amongst influencers, makeup artists, Vloggers, and even corporate remote workers. Asides from offering flattering lighting, ring lights also make your videos look very professional.

There are different types of ring lights available for several use cases. Some are handy and highly compatible with your phone, while others are best suited for webcams. In this article, we’ll share what to look out for when picking out a ring light along with some of the best ring lights available in the market today.

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What to Look Out for in a Ringlight? 

Before heading over to the market, there are several things to look out for when choosing a ring light. Some of these include;

  • Your Usecase: What you need it for determines what specifications you’d be looking into. For example, if you’re planning to use the ring light with your phone, you’d be looking out for a USB power source and a phone holder.
  • Lightening: Regardless of whatever you need it for, the one key feature you should look out for is its brightness. It’s even better when they have adjustable settings so you can move between the dim and bright settings.
  • Budget: Finally, you need to have a budget for your ring light. Fortunately, they are inexpensive. Some go as low as $10 and others can be as high as $100. So you need a budget to help guide you.

Top Five Ring Lights of 2023

Westcott 18” Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit

The Westcott Ringlight comes with one of the most extensive parts in the market. This kit contains multiple mounting options compatible with DSLRs and smartphones. NP-750 batteries and chargers, a 6’5 inch light stand, user-friendly options, multi-voltage AC adapter for use indoors and so much more. 

It has beautiful lightening that reduces shadows, variable color temperature (3200K tungsten to 5600K), and iconic spotlights. The dimmable lights can go from 0-100%. This camera is perfect for portrait shots, video calls, video shoots, live streaming but to mention a few. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a professional kit. You can get this Ringlight kit on Amazon.

Price: $179 on Amazon


  • Strong battery life with 70 minutes use time at full power
  • Professional add-ons and feature
  • Multiple power options that come with batteries and chargers
  • Dimmable lights


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  • It is relatively expensive

Neewer 18-inch 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit

The Neewer Ringlight is a more reasonably priced ring light for semi-professionals. The kit includes a 5500K LED Ring Light, a smartphone holder, a 61 inch light stand, a white and orange filter set, universal power adapter charger. This ring light is perfect for beauty and product photography as it comes with a beauty dish for soft illumination. It’s also super easy to fold and carry around because it’s lightweight.


Price: $96 on Amazon


  • It comes with a 61 inch light stand
  • It has a universal power adapter
  • has an option for Bluetooth-controlled remote


  • The color temperature is fixed at 5500k

Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light

Being one of the most popular ring lights in the market, the Neewer 10-inch LED light is perfect if you want a simple ring light that just works. It comes with a 54’inch tripod, a wireless smartphone shutter remote, a type C phone holder, easy controls on the USB cord, and a cold shoe ball head adapter. You don’t need a battery to use this light and it works with USB-compatible phones. 

The lighting is also pretty neat as the color temperature is 3200k-6000k. It also comes in three light modes (white, yellow, and warm)  and there’s a dimmable brightness.

Price: $43 on Amazon

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  • It comes with a 54’inch tripod
  • Lightweight and easy controls
  • Dimmable brightness and preset light modes


  • It’s powered by a USB

12-inch Razer Ring Light

The 12-inch razer ring light is a great tool to get the lighting you’d find in professional studios. It comes with a customizable lighting spectrum where you can choose between the warm white (3000K), balanced white (4500K), or cool white (6500K) tone and a tripod. It also has two mounting options (one for webcams and a phone holder for streaming on mobile). Unfortunately, the power source is solely USB. However, it’s compact and relatively inexpensive.

Price: $60 on Amazon


  • It comes with a Tripod
  • Two mounting options
  • Great lightening


  • The power source is a USB

Rotolight LED Ring light Kit for Creators

As the name suggests, this ring light is one of the best options out there for aspiring content creators. This Vlogging kit comes with a desktop mini tripod, cellphone adjustable mount, and three LED filters. The color temperature is 5600k and it’s powered with 3 AA batteries. Created specifically for phones, this kit is also compatible with DSLR cameras.

Price: $66 on Amazon

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  • It’s compact
  • Comes with a tripod
  • Adjustable LED filters


  • Changing the filters can be a bit complex

Ring lights are excellent for improving your video quality. However, you need to get the most suitable lights for your use case and budget. We hope this guide above helps you make the right decision. Do share this article with your friends and family who might just need this.

Disclaimer: We might get commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy.


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