The Best Power Strips and Extensions of 2023

power strip and extension

The average person has at least two devices they use daily. This could be a smartphone, watch, headphones, laptops, tablets and the list goes on. To power these devices, you’d need to connect them to a good power strip. Good power strips and extensions often come with charging ports and surge protection. 

A power surge can be from either a lightning storm or your house wiring. And while the best way to protect your devices is to unplug them, you also need some security for whenever they are plugged in. This is why we’ve spent some time in market research, looking through user reviews, and came up with the best power strips and extensions guaranteed to protect your appliances in this post. 

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1. Addtam 1800J Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 5 AC outlet splitter and 4 USB ports 
  • 1800 joules surge protector
  • 125 Volts
  • ETL super safety protection

Price: $14

This Addtam power strip boasts of its overload protection, heat, short-circuit, and over-current protection. The fire-resistant case is especially handy when it comes to keeping your appliances safe from lightning storms. You’d also know immediately that the protection is activated with the surge protector indicator light. 

It delivers a fast charging speed for your devices. The USB A features a 2.4A Max output while the USB C charging port features 3A Max. Finally, the USB port is controlled by a smart IC so it’ll use little to zero energy when you’re not charging. 

2. GE 6 Outlet Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 120 Volts
  • Integrated circuit breaker
  • 3 Prong
  • Wall mount
  • 6 AC outlets

Price: $11

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The GE power strip is a perfect home extension for having a centralized charging hub. With a 2ft cord and an extended circuit breaker, this extension cuts off electricity to your devices when there’s a power surge or overheating. It’s also UL listed so you have a lifetime replacement policy in case it doesn’t match your expectations. 

3. APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender

Key Specifications

  • 1080 Joules surge protector
  • 6 AC mutli-plug outlets
  • 120 Volts
  •  2 USB ports

Price: $17

The APC wall outlet plug extender is perfect for charging basic devices like your work computer, phone, and other accessories. Both USB ports offer a combined 2.4 amps of charging power and an input power of 1200 Watts. It comes with a three-prong power plug on the top outlet. It also has an APC warranty. 

4. Amazon’s 6-Outlet Surge Protector Strip

Key specifications

  • 6 outlets
  • 6-foot long cord
  • 790 joules protector
  • 125 volts
  • 15 amp circuit breaker
  • AC 15A, 125V, 60Hz, 1875W

Price: $13.80

Amazon’s best-selling 6 outlet surge protector strip is an extension for charging the basics. It has a 3-line surge protection rating for small appliances including phones and lamps. There’s a LED indicator to let you know when your devices are protected. So you should always lookout for this indicator during erratic power supply.  This strip is also UL certified.

5. Nuetsa Surge Protector Power Strip

Key Specifications

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  • 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports
  • 6 feet power cord (1625W13A)
  • 2700 Joules surge protection
  • ETL Certified

Price: $21.99

The Nuetsa surge protector comes with overload protection against electrical fluctuations. It comes with an over-current protection switch that limits its working current to avoid overheating and fire. The smart technology automatically detects charging devices and delivers optimal charging speed. All USB A port features a 2.4A Max output while the USB C charging port features a 3A max. 


6. Alestor Surge Protector Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 2700 Joules
  • 125 Volts
  • 12AC outlets and 4 USB Ports
  • 6-foot heavy-duty extension cord
  • ETL certified

Price: $21

This heavy-duty power strip is compatible with most USB devices and Kindles. The four USB ports feature a total of 3.4 A/17W. Each USB A port features a 2.4A Max output. It comes with an over-current protection that automatically changes the current setting to avoid overheating and fire incidents. The surge protector circuit consists of a TVS, MOV and GDT that increases the protection across your devices even more. 

7. Yintar Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 6 AC Outlets and 3 USB ports
  • 1680 Joules
  • 6 Feet Extension Cord
  • 125 volts

Price: $15.89

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The Yintar power strip comes with a surge indicator that lets you know when your devices are protected. Its 10A overload protector switch will protect your devices against electrical fluctuations. The USB ports have a built smart technology that delivers a super optimized charging speed. They are compatible with Kindles, Firesticks, Bluetooth headphones and other USB devices. 

It also comes with a mounting hole at the back. So you can install this power strip on various mounts like walls, floors and under counters. Yintar offers an after-sale service where you can speak to a customer care representative, return in 30 days or get a 12-month replacement

8. HANYCONY Surge Protector Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 8 outlets with 4 USB ports
  • 3 Side outlet extender
  • 5 Feet Braided Extension Cord
  • Wall Mount
  • 900 Joules

Price: $26.99

This surge protector comes with overload protection that keeps your devices safe from electrical fluctuations. It has an LED indicator light that helps you know when your devices are protected.  With a built-in smart IC technology, you’re guaranteed an optimal charging time. Each USB port delivers a current of up to 5V/2.4A max.  There are also two mount holes behind for easier installation. 

9. KASA Smart Plug Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 3 individually controlled smart outlets
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • 125 Volts

Price: $29.97

The Kasa smart plug power strips and extensions along with its individually controlled smart outlets come with a Kasa smart app. With this app, you can remotely control the connected devices and also set up your power strip. You can also create schedules and timers to turn on or off individual outlets. It’s compatible with most voice assistants so you can use the voice commands to control plugged-in devices. Kasa smart plug is ETL certified so it’ll shield your devices from electrical fluctuations. 

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10. XYZCreat Power Strip

Key Specifications

  • 3 Universal AC outlets and 3 USB ports
  • 110v to 250v Socket Board Power Strips
  • 6.6ft Extension Cord
  • 1600 Joules
  • 110 Volts

Price: $22.99

The XYZCreat comes with a super long extension that is great for areas where wall sockets are far from your appliances. Each outlet also has a switch that you can turn on/off after charging. The surge protector is designed with Child Safety Door to protect children from electrical shocks. There’s also a pressure switch that makes it difficult for kids to turn it on. It has a total max power of 3 AC ports and 3 USB ports that can reach 3000W. This makes it suitable for high voltage appliances like refrigerators and ovens.

While you might be tempted to go for the cheapest power strips and extensions in the market, we recommend you take time to study our guide and opt for one that suits your specific needs. So if you have heavier appliances, you should go for the protection of over 2000 joules. On the other hand, if you’d want to purchase an extension for basic devices, you can opt for smaller recommendations. 

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Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy.


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