Best Bluetooth Item Trackers of 2023


You’ve probably asked yourself where you left an item in the past week. It could be your keys, wallet, phone or other valuable devices. Well, today, there are many item trackers designed to help you locate your misplaced items in one ring. Some even offer real-time map locations so you can see exactly where your valuables are directly on your phone. 

There are currently several Bluetooth item finders on the market. Some are smaller and versatile, while others are built for specific devices. Whatever your use case is, we’ve assessed all available trackers in the market, and in this post, we’ll be showing you the best Bluetooth item trackers of 2022. Keep reading to find out more.

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1. The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

Key Specifications

  • IP53 Water-resistant
  • Replaceable CR2032 Batteries
  • Compatible with Samsung smart things app
  • Up to 10 Ringtones
  • Super Loud

Price: $28.63

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is a Bluetooth powered tracker specifically designed for Samsung devices. It is compatible with devices from Andriod 8.0 or higher with a RAM of over 2GB. You also need to have the smart things app to activate it. The tag can make your phone ring and vice versa. It comes with 10 super loud ringtone options to choose from. When it goes out of range, you can use a map to track where your items are. Although this tracking might not be in real-time.

Asides from finding lost items, this tracker can trigger smart home routines from the Samsung smart things app.  It’s a little thick so it can make your wallet bulky. So we recommend attaching it to your keys, bags and other bigger items. 

2. The Apple AirTag

Key Specifications

  • Water-resistant
  • Auto-flash turn on
  • Directional Cues
  • Apple Community Finding
  • Replaceable C2032 Battery 
  • Only compatible with Apple devices

Price: $26.86

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The Apple Airtag is super easy to set up. Simply hold up the tag to your iPhone and it’ll automatically detect it. It’s super small and can sometimes be unnoticeable making it perfect for smaller items. Unfortunately, there’s no keyhole for holding your keys so you have to stick it onto something or purchase an additional keychain holder. Apple affirms that the Airtag’s replaceable battery can last for up to a year. 

Like other item trackers, you can use them to find your phone and vice versa. However, with the Airtag, you can turn on your phone’s flashlight to locate it in the dark. When you lose your Airtag, you can put it on lost mode from the Find My App. When anyone checks it, they’ll see your name and phone number. You’ll also get notified of the location of your item as soon as this happens. 

If your Airtags are far away from you, you can use the end-to-end encrypted Bluetooth device of the Find My Phone network close by to track it. This leverages the Apple community which is great for cities where there is a high density of iPhone users. To squash the stalking concerns they have, Apple released the Foreign Airtag alerts that’ll notify you when there’s an Airtag not connected to your device moving around with you. This feature is available on iOS 14.5

3. Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag+ Plus

Key Specifications

  • AR Finding
  • Directional Tracking
  • Longer-lasting Battery
  • Multiple finding options
  • Ultra-wideband Bluetooth Connectivity

Price: $39.99

It’s not completely water-proof but it’s resistant to drips and splashes. Lighter than the Samsung smart tag, you can attach these to your keys and pets. This tag also requires the Smart things app to function. You can View Map to find where your tag is located, use the Search Meter to show how close you are with a strength meter or just make it ring out by tapping the Ring button. 

Also suitable for smart home automation, you can use this tag to turn on your lights or other devices. Samsung also redesigned this SmartTag Plus to last longer than its predecessor. So you have a battery life of one year before it’ll need replacing. SmartTag+ needs to be paired with ultra-wideband(UWB)-enabled Galaxy smartphones with Android 11 or higher to fully function

4. Chipolo ONE Spot 2021

Key Specifications

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  • Works with the Find My App network
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhones
  • Water-resistant
  • One year battery life
  • Keyring hole

Price: $28

The Chipolo ONE Spot is a lightweight Bluetooth tracker that is resistant to water splashes and drips. What we love the most about this finder is that you don’t need the Chipolo app on your iPhone. You can now directly set it up from the Find My App and leverage Apple’s community to find devices far away just like the Airtags. It’s a bit bigger than the Airtag but this ONE spot comes with a key ring so you don’t need additional accessories.

Like other item trackers, it comes with a replaceable battery. The downside is that Android users cannot contact you when your item is in lost mode. Also, it doesn’t have ultra-wideband connectivity. And so, you won’t be able to use precision finding through audio or directional cues. 

5. Tile Sticker 2022

Key Specifications

  • Up to 250 ft range
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Smart Homes
  • 3-year non-replaceable battery
  • Smart alert notifications 

Price: From $29.99

To activate, install the Tile app so you can ask your phone to find your Tile and vice versa. When you’re far away and losing Bluetooth range, you can use the map available on the Tile App to find your items. Choose to turn on anonymous help for a lost Tile sticker. So that once you add your contact information, anyone who scans the QR code on your sticker can contact you with the location. This tile is compatible with Google Home, Alexa and Siri which means you can activate it with your voice assistant.

Design-wise, the Tile Sticker 2022 is water-resistant and it comes with a non-replaceable battery that can last for about three years. Get smart notifications that’ll alert you when you’re leaving an item behind when you subscribe to a premium subscription. Plus, Tile is offering reimbursements if you cannot still find your Tiled item.

6. Tile Mate 2022

Key Specifications

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  • Up to 250 ft Bluetooth range
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Water-resistant
  • Up to 3 years of battery life

Price: $24.99

One of the absolute perks of opting for the Tile Mate is that you can get the most out of your Tile without paying for a monthly subscription. Although you still need to be on the premium plan to access smart notifications.

Like the Tile Sticker, the mate comes with an irreplaceable battery that can last for about three years. This Tile is compatible with Android, iOS and Smart homes like Alexa, Google Home and Siri. It also offers an IP67 water resistance which is a huge improvement from the previous Tile. The design is still the same with a button that can alert your phone when you need to find it. 

7. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker

Key Specifications

  • Replaceable Battery
  • Camera shutter functionality
  • Separation alarm
  • Crowd Find

Price: $24.95

Like the Apple Airtag, you can leverage the Crowd Find community to locate your lost Cube finder. When taking photos, you can simply tap on this smart tracker to act as a shutter button for you. For alerts, you can either choose to be notified with a smart ring, vibration or identify the last seen location on the map with the Cube app. Finally, get smart notifications whenever you’re leaving a Cube behind. Unlike the Tile, you don’t need to subscribe to a premium plan.

Asides from your use case, your phone type also has a role to play in the item trackers you eventually choose. For example, an iOS user might find the Airtag very useful while a Samsung user might just opt for a Smart Tag. For users who’d prefer to switch between both iOS and Android, a Tile or Chipolo ONE Spot. We hope this guide will help you make a more informed decision when buying item trackers. Do share this post with your friends and family who might need this. 

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy.

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