Best Baby Video Monitors You Can Buy in 2022

Baby monitor

As a new parent, getting one of the best baby monitors is the fastest way to do other activities while your baby falls asleep. It allows you to keep an eye on your kid when you’re away from them. So you can catch a nap or clean the house and still monitor your baby in their room. While some video baby monitors offer an option to simply watch your baby, others offer more advanced features. This could include tracking room temperature, baby cries, sleep quality, and patterns.

Depending on your specific needs, we’ve curated a list of the best baby monitors available on the market. Our list consists of affordable options, baby monitors with additional features, and highly secure transmissions to avoid data breaches or hacks. Keep reading to find out more. 

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1. Hello Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • Night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • 8 Lullabies
  • 1000ft range
  • Room temperature monitor and alert
  • Table top and wall mounting options

Price: $129.99

The hello baby monitor comes with a camera that rotates 355 degrees horizontal and 120 degrees vertical to give you the best view of your baby’s room. It has a 5-inch screen you can use to view your baby’s activities. There are two mounting options – tabletop and wall mount depending on the best fit for your setup. You’re assured of a super clear view with the invisible infrared LED baby monitor even at night. 

If you’re scared of hacking attempts, then this is the best monitor for you. Being a non-WiFi monitor, there’s an advanced digital encryption technology that keeps all data transfers safe and secure. You can also talk to your baby and hear them with the two-way audio feature. This monitor also comes with 8 lullaby sounds to keep your baby entertained at all times.

2. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

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  • 2.4GHz wireless baby monitor
  • 960ft transmission rate
  • 2-way talk
  • High capacitor battery
  • Night vision
  • Table and wall mount option
  • 4 Lullabies

Price: $79.99

The Anmeate baby monitor is a high-resolution display monitor with a 2.4-inch screen that allows you to even zoom in to view the details of your baby’s activity. Watch your baby at night with the 8 infrared LED lights that offer clear night vision. You can also track room temperature with this device. If your baby needs to be rocked, choose to play any of the four lullabies available or speak to them directly with the two-way talkback feature.

There’s also an alarm and voice activation feature for hands-free use. To get started simply plug in the camera and start monitoring your baby. It’s powered with a 950mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours in eco mode. 

3. Invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • Cry detection and stranger alerts
  • Two-way talk
  • Temperature sensor
  • Smartphone app
  • 1080p full HD camera
  • Smile detection
  • Compatible with Alexa

Price: $149.99

With the smart app, you can remotely tilt and adjust the camera to follow your baby’s movements. It has a cry detection so you know immediately when your baby cries. This isn’t always a loud shrill cry as you can set up the type of notifications you want to get along with the sensitivity notifications. You can also detect room temperature based on a threshold you set. With smile detection, the Invidyo camera captures your baby’s smiles and highlights videos.

So you can watch a summary of your baby’s activities. This baby monitor comes with a 1080p advanced night vision and a two-way talk. You also have access to fun and engaging lullabies for your baby along with white noise. 

4. Owlet Cam Smart Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • Wide-angle lens
  • Encrypted WiFi
  • Motion and sound notifications
  • Humidity and room temperature 
  • 2-way talk
  • Night vision
  • Wall mount

Price: $119.00

The Owlet cam smart baby monitor provides real-time secure streaming of your baby’s activities. You have access to HD night vision, a wide-angle view, and a 4x pinch-to-zoom to make your monitoring a lot clearer on your device. Turn on sound or motion notifications to get instantly notified when your baby needs you. The background audio allows you to listen in and you can speak to them with the two-way talk feature. If you’re worried about hackers intercepting your baby monitoring, be rest assured of a secure and encrypted stream.

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This cam has AES 128-bit encryption. You can mount it on your walls to keep it in a safe location. 

5. Simshine Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Two-way audio
  • Sleep analytics
  • 5 sub-accounts
  • Local storage
  • Multi-account support
  • No monthly fees
  • Night Vision

Price: $169.99

Designed like a cute bot, this camera monitor allows you to hide the charging cable of the monitor in its holder. The Simshine monitor offers a 360-degree rotation to ensure you have several angles of your baby. View your baby’s activities on a clear 2k resolution and comfort them using the two-way audio. This baby monitor automatically detects your baby’s cry and plays lullabies to keep them calm. It stores your recordings on a memory card to prevent hacks susceptible to cloud storage. 

The monitor can support up to 128GB of memory cards. At the end of the week, you get a report of your baby’s sleep quality and patterns. The video monitor allows up to five sub-accounts and you can manage permissions for each of the sub-accounts from the admin account. You don’t have to pay for any subscriptions with this baby monitor.

6. Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • Active noise reduction
  • 5-inch screen
  • Night vision
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Zoom function
  • Full viewing control

Price: $199.99

The infant optics baby monitor offers a noise reduction feature that helps you suppress background noises like fans, air conditioners, humidifiers, and so on. View videos from the 5-inch standing screen and a 720p video resolution playback. There’s also a night vision to ensure that you get the best view of your baby even in the middle of the night. Switch up the lens whenever you need to through the interchangeable lenses. You can zoom up to 6x and although you can use a wide-angle lens, you’d have to buy it separately. 

7. Bonoch Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • 22 hours of battery life
  • 1000ft range
  • 4X Zoom
  • 2-way audio
  • Secure no-WiFi connection
  • Real-time sound and temperature alerts

Price: $134.99

With this baby monitor, you can live to stream your baby’s movement over a secure wireless connection. So you don’t have to download any app or create an account thereby preventing hackers. The baby camera comes with a 355-degree monitor lens that ensures optimum coverage from floor to ceiling. It comes with an auto-night vision so you can always track your baby even in the middle of the night.

Modify the settings and move the camera with the buttons across the LCD. Here, you can also get alerts when there’s a sound or drop in temperature. The 22 hours of battery life ensures that you monitor your child all day.

8. Anmeate V2 Baby Monitor

Key specifications

  • Temperature monitor
  • Soothing lullabies
  • 2-way talk back
  • 960ft range connectivity
  • Infrared night vision
  • Remote-pan-tilt zoom camera
  • 3.5-inch display

Price: $69.99

With a 3.5-inch LCD monitor, you can be sure to watch your baby’s movement with a super clear view. There are controls on the LCD monitor that allows you to modify the camera, zoom, or switch angles. The Anmeate baby monitor also provides clear footage at night thanks to the infrared night vision. So you’re sure of seeing your baby’s movement even in dim light conditions. 

You don’t have to constantly fret about whether the thermostat is at the right temperature. There’s a built-in sensor to alert you when the temperature rises or goes below your set unit. It has a range of 960 feet so you can track even when you’re away in the yard. This video monitor also has a built-in speaker and microphone so you can talk to your baby. There are also soft lullabies to help your baby sleep when they are restless. 

9. Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

Key Specifications

  • Sleep coach and breathing motion tracker
  • 2-way audio
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Nightlight and night vision
  • Up to 2 accounts
  • Sleep history and other data on the app
  • Digital memory book

Price: $299.99

The Nanit baby monitor is a WiFi-powered monitor certified by HSA/FSA. You can be sure to get a clear view and footage whenever you need it. The night vision allows you to see your baby in 1080p when the lights are off. It’s super easy to install thanks to the easy wall mount that comes with cable management so your baby doesn’t trip or drag them. This monitor is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Echo show.

Track your baby’s sleep from the monitoring app. You can get information about their sleeping patterns, history, activity clips, and an additional account. Unfortunately, to unlock these features, you need to subscribe to the insights plan as the free plan only provides a time-lapse of the night. 

So now that you know the best baby monitors available on the market, it’s up to you to pick out the perfect choice for your baby based on your needs. For example, if you’d want to track activities with your partner, you’d need to find a monitor with multiple user accounts like the Simshine monitor. We hope this article has been truly helpful. Do let us know which of these baby monitors you’d be opting for in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy

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