Africa Gathering Hackathon

08:00 - 12:00

Africa Gathering in conjunction with Africa Progress Panel (APP) are holding a hackathon at HiveColab in Kampala, Uganda.

Mr Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel laureate, chairs the APP and is closely involved in its day-to-day work — this hackathon inclusive.

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This year’s Africa Progress Panel Report takes a hard look at the risks and opportunities facing Africa. It asks what governments across the region need to do if they are to convert a decade of growth into transformative development. Agriculture is at the heart of the answer to the question that we pose. Yet, Africa still lacks viable ways of channelling much-needed capital to the millions of dynamic entrepreneurs with viable business ideas in sectors such as farming, coastal fishing, aquaculture and agro-processing.

The hackathon’s theme is about  Agriculture and Fisheries. However, on this occasion, Hackers will also be invited to submit their ideas for the development the Africa Progress Panel APP which should be completed by the end of the hackathon.

Exciting offers such as mentorship from world class professionals, internships, Kofi Annan’s endorsement among others.

Visit the Submission page for more details.