AMN Co-Working Space

Coworking Space?
Our co-working space is a collaborative work space where to meet passionate and professional web development, media, communication and others.

The objectives of this laboratory for new technologies are manifold:

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  • Allow workers through collaborative work of expanding their expertise in their chosen field and build a network of contacts ;
  • Enable investors and project developers to find a suitable space for their projects, as well as skilled and competent resources;
  • Provide event organizers a perfect setting for their events;
  • Accompany freelancers and start-ups in their growth ( about it please consult the tab community);
  • At our level, create (and maintain) a dynamic innovation in the Ivorian web.

What do we offer?

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the coworking space AMN provides its members with the following amenities below:
  1. Broadband Internet connection (Aviso & V3000);
  2. A secured framework;
  3. Computers;
  4. USB and external storage media keys;
  5. Various software (adobe creative suite, windev, final cut, etc.).
  6. A mezzanine that can act as an exhibition space, meeting and brainstorming for 8 people;
  7. Green / white black / (surveying 5 meters x 3.5 meters);
  8. A projector;
  9. A shared work;
  10. Office (large enough for three tables office standard size);
  11. Library (forthcoming);
  12. A garden and a kitchen.


*This is a curation of all Tech Hubs In Africa by Dignited.

Twitter: AfricaincorpMN




Email: [email protected]


Location: Abidjan - Ivory Coast