i-Hub Madagascar

The association nonprofit Malagasy i-Hub includes independent actors of the Internet and ICT Malagasy

Malagasy i-Hub aims to promote the use of ICT and reduce the digital divide in Madagascar.

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The Malagasy iHub manages coworking space of the same name which is located in Tsimbazaza. This space embraces the concept of co-working , it is specially designed for self-employed in the ICT sector. Gone are the days when each working in his own corner (at home, in cafes, …): the co-working space of Malagasy i-Hub addresses issues of self-employed ICT in Madagascar:
  •  a place where he can have access to resources to carry out its projects (work room, internet connection, …)
  •  a meeting with other freelancers and influential bloggers
Apart from this Coworking space, the Malagasy i-Hub conducts regular activities whose goal is to improve ICT literacy in Madagascar. These activities are summarized as follows:
  • training sessions that will be on the premises of Malagasy i-Hub, either in-situ (on campus or in the company)
  • Digital Cafes: friendly meeting between ICT Madagascar makers to discuss around a given theme
  • of blogging turns around several cities in Madagascar whose objective is to initiate the provision of specific content online in Madagascar
  • of Barcamps which are non-conference to share and learn about the ICT theme
  •  an annual gathering of digital Madagascar

Twitter: malagasyihub

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malagasyiHub




Website: http://www.i-hub.mg/

Location: Antananarivo - Madagascar