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A note about guest posts

Thanks for appreciating this blog. We do accept guest posts with even backlinks. However, Our we care more about our readers than your content. Therefore, before you send us an email, make sure that your guest post conforms to the following criteria;

  • It falls within the technology niche. Kindly take a look at our channels to get an idea of the kind of content we accept.
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If you guest post fulfills the above criteria, then you can share with us sample articles either as links or Google doc or an attachment. Good sample guest posts we have accepts include this and this.

Update: After receiving a huge amount of entirely useless post requests, we have decided to STOP receiving article requests. 

Also use “Dignited Answers”, a Q&A platform found at to post any question regarding consumer Technology in general, some of the products, services, events and news we write about here. There, we or other community members will answer your question. We SHALL NOT reply emails with questions about products & Services. 

Lastly if you’ve a product or startup you would like to interest us with, please read this post on how to pitch your product or startup to us. Getting published is completely Free, but take care to give us good reason why you should.

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