AOMAIS Sport II Review: The Perfect Bluetooth Speaker You Never Heard of?

Let me be honest, when I stumbled across the AOMAIS Sport II, my expectations were, well, low. See, I have had been using the Oraimo Bass Go Boom as my speaker of choice for a while before my brother visited, fell in love with it and convinced me to swap it for his AOMAIS.

A budget Bluetooth speaker from a brand I’d never heard of? That usually spells thin, tinny audio and flimsy construction. Boy, was I wrong?

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Unboxing: First impressions

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the AOMAIS Sport II isn’t going to win any design awards. It’s a utilitarian rubberized rectangle, the kind of thing you might keep in your garage for impromptu work tunes. This isn’t a speaker designed to blend seamlessly with your minimalist décor. But hey, function over form, right?

Flipping it over, though, hints at a hidden personality. There’s a built-in subwoofer, something you don’t typically find in speakers this size. That, combined with its IPX7 water resistance, got me intrigued. Perhaps there was more to this unassuming package than meets the eye.

The Sound: Pleasantly Surprising

Connecting the AOMAIS Sport II to my phone was a breeze (with bonus points for NFC pairing, though standard Bluetooth worked perfectly fine). Time for the real test: How does it actually sound?

Shockingly good. Way better than I’d anticipated. The audio is crisp, there’s plenty of volume, and that little subwoofer makes its presence known. Now, it’s not going to replace your high-end home theater setup, but for backyard hangs, camping trips, or impromptu kitchen dance parties, it delivers.

What impressed me most was the bass. Placing the Sport II on a solid surface – a table, a countertop – brings out deep, punchy thumps that you wouldn’t expect from its size. It won’t rattle your windows, but it adds a satisfying warmth and fullness to your tunes.

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The Durability: Adventure-Ready

The AOMAIS Sport II feels like it was designed for people who actually, you know, go outside. The tough rubberized exterior repels dust and doesn’t show scuffs easily. I tossed it into my backpack, used it by the pool without a worry, and even let my toddler niece handle it – none of these seemed to faze it.

The IPX7 rating is the real standout here. This thing laughs in the face of rain and splashes, and it’ll even survive a brief accidental dunk in the water. I didn’t intentionally toss it into a pool, but I’m confident it could handle the mishap. Just remember, the port cover’s a bit fiddly, so always double-check after charging.

The Battery: It Just Keeps Going

Battery life is another pleasant surprise. AOMAIS claims up to 15 hours of playback, but I’ve found that to be conservative. With casual use – a few hours of music here, a podcast there – it easily lasted two full days. For a full-on, 10+ hour outdoor music session at around 60% volume, it still had juice to spare before needing a recharge.


Quirks (Because No Product is Perfect)

Alright, let’s talk about the less-than-stellar bits. In 2024, it’s disappointing that this still uses Micro-USB for charging. Come on, AOMAIS, embrace the future! It also only supports a single Bluetooth connection at a time, which could be annoying if you frequently switch between devices. However, I had rock-solid connection up to 10 meters from my phone, well beyond my apartment walls.

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Also, compared to other offers in the market, the audio input sources are a little limited. While you’re likely to have USB, Aux, SD Card and even FM Radio on other speakers, this one only supports Aux and Bluetooth and that’s it!

The Verdict: A Little Powerhouse for Adventurers on a Budget

The AOMAIS Sport II isn’t fancy. It won’t win bragging rights among audiophiles. But this little speaker offers a fantastic mix of surprisingly good sound, nearly indestructible build quality, and impressive stamina, all for a price that won’t make you cringe.

If you value function over flash and like your music with a side of adventure, this could be your next favorite sound companion. Just don’t forget that Micro-USB cable.

The speaker is listed for anywhere between $20 and $30 on various e-commerce sites which makes it ab absolute bargain, if you can get your hands on one that is. These things are sold out pretty much everywhere which makes me feel like part of an exclusive club.


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