Oraimo Bass Go Boom Wants to Give You Premium Party Sound on a Budget

The quest for the perfect party speaker often leads down a path paved with hefty price tags and booming brand names. But what if you crave vibrant sound and pulsating beats without blowing your budget? Enter the Oraimo Bass Go Boom, a speaker promising premium party vibes at a budget-friendly price point.

For clarity, this speaker is not exactly new in the market. I saw early reports as far back as July 2023 but it sold out all over, only to be restocked in 2024, presumably due to the demand.

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But can it truly compete with established giants like JBL Charge which cost an arm and a leg, or even others in the cutthroat budget party speaker arena? Let’s see if the Bass Go Boom lives up to the hype.


The Oraimo Bass Go Boom is not your average portable speaker. With a speaker output of 30W and a battery capacity of 3600mAh, it delivers impressive sound quality and up to 6 hours of playtime with lights on or 7 hours with lights off. Its compact size and IPX5 water resistance make it perfect for outdoor adventures or impromptu dance parties.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the specifications this speaker boasts of.

Size360 x 132 x 133 mm
Bluetooth VersionV5.0
Bluetooth Range10 meters
Frequency Response85 Hz - 16 KHz
Battery Capacity3600 mAh - Charges via USB- C
Play Time6 hours (Lights On), 7 hours (Lights Off)
Speaker Output30W
InputMic, Aux, Bluetooth, FM

Oraimo Bass Go Boom boasts a respectable 30W power output (delivered by dual 15W drivers), promising room-filling sound. Its frequency response of  85Hz~16KHz covers the audible spectrum, aiming to cater to both bass-heavy beats and crisp highs. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures stable connectivity, while the 10m wireless range offers decent flexibility in speaker placement.

Mixed Reviews

This is a popular device and as such, has been reviewed extensively and from those, a few things stand out about the Bass Go Boom.

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While many users praise the Oraimo Bass Go Boom for its powerful bass, portability, and dynamic light effects, others have raised concerns about its performance at high volumes and battery life. Some users have reported distortion at high volumes and shorter battery life than advertised.

However, despite these drawbacks, the Oraimo Bass Go Boom remains a popular choice for those seeking an affordable portable speaker with impressive bass and water resistance.

But specs paint an incomplete picture. How does it compare to the established players in the party speaker scene?


Showdown at the Sound Clash: Oraimo vs. the Contenders

To gauge the Bass Go Boom’s true potential, let’s put it up against some heavy hitters:

FeatureOraimo Bass Go BoomJBL Flip 6Anker Soundcore Flare 2Sony SRS-XB43
Power Output30W30W20W48W
Frequency Response85 Hz – 16 kHz65Hz-20kHz73Hz-20kHz20Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio≥80dB≥80dB≥80dBN/A
Bluetooth Version5.
Wireless Range10m10m20m25m
Battery Capacity3600mAh4800mAh5000mAh2400mAh
Playback TimeUp to 24 hoursUp to 24 hoursUp to 13 hoursUp to 24 hours
Charging Time4 hours2.5 hours3.5 hours4.5 hours
Dimensions220 x 140 x 100mm178 x 70 x 46mm203 x 80 x 75mm326 x 124 x 114mm
Weightapprox. 1 kg540g590g2.9kg
FeaturesIPX5 waterproof, TWS connectivity, LED light showIPX7 waterproof, PartyBoost pairingIPX7 waterproof, BassUp technology, LED light showIP67 waterproof, X-Balanced Speaker Unit, LIVE SOUND mode

Pricing and Availability

The Oraimo Bass Go Boom is now available across a wide range of outlets, online and offline. In Kenya, you can get it from Oraimo’s Official Online Store and it will set you back a reasonable KES 7,700.

This is probably the speaker’s biggest selling point as competition like the JBL Charge 4 will easily run you double that.

The Verdict

The Oraimo Bass Go Boom is popular for a good reason. It really does hold its own against the competition in some key areas, particularly battery life and playback time, all while undercutting them in price by a massive margin.

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Its power output is comparable to the JBL Flip 6, and it even boasts a few extras like an LED light show and TWS connectivity for pairing two speakers for stereo sound.

The Oraimo Bass Go Boom balances portability and audio performance, making it a popular choice for music enthusiasts. And while it claims IPX5 water resistance, it’s not fully submersible like some of the others.

Ultimately, the decision of whether the Oraimo Bass Go Boom is right for you comes down to your pocket and priorities. If you’re looking for a powerful, feature-packed speaker with long battery life and you’re on a tight budget, it’s a solid option


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