Our Team

Onyait Odeke

Onyait Odeke is head of marketing at the Dignited. He also doubles as mobile Editor. He's motivated by the beauty of Art and nature. Follow him on Twitter via @eristaus

Sydney Mugerwa

Sydney joined the Dignited team in 2015 as an associate editor covering Web and social, personal computing and anything in-between.

Frank Odongkara

Frank is the CTO and an analytic writer. He's interested in smart systems and intelligent design. He studied Computer engineering at Makerere University. Follow him @frankodongkara

David Okwii

David Okwii has been the EIC of Dignited for the past 3 years. He recently stepped down from the position to pursue other interests. However, he maintains the positions of adviser and contributor. Follow him on Twitter via @oquidave

Daniel Mwesigwa

Daniel is in charge of events and content review. A student of Land Economics at Makerere University, he is obsessed with accumulating as much knowledge as possible about anything he deems relevant. He is passionate about technology and design. Follow him on Twitter via @valanchee

Clinton Madegwa

Clinton has been writing about and reviewing tech products since 2014 after making the transition from writing about the Engineering and Construction Industry in Kenya. He is a Graduate Civil Engineer from the Technical University of Kenya but has a deep passion for everything tech. He’s got a particular interest in Personal Computing, and everything Android, the Telecom Industry, African Startups and the science and future of the tech industry. Shoot him a mail on [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter on @c_madegwa

4 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. Awesome team, this. It’s great to see you guys morph from TechPost to this. I love the website layout. And it is the most mobile friendly website from Uganda.

  2. Just one chic on the whole team? Hmmm you are lucky i am still figuring out what exactly i want to do when it comes to Online Comms. Great team by the way.

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