How to Pitch your product or start-up to the Dignited

Do you want to reach a wide audience to Tech enthusiasts, ICT pros, mobile users and industry thought leaders in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana? Then you're in the right place. At Dignited, we are passionate about innovative products and startups that have potential to change the African continent. For the last three years, Dignited as reported about products, innovations, startups, people that are changing the digital innovation landscape in Uganda and wider African continent. If you believe you or your startup best describes the above, then this is how to get in-touch and get published for FREE.

Tell your story

Tell us about your product like you’re telling your friend or relative. Give us a good reason to care about your product or service. Keep it clear, simple and interesting. No one wants or has time to read boring stuff!

Have a fully functional product

Before you even start thinking about spreading word about your startapp or new product, make sure it’s fully functional for the first release. First impression matters a lot. If your product is “crappy” at first impressions, you’ll have lost all that media capital you could have used to your advantage. You can talk about the problem you are solving in a paragraph. Talk about the product features in one or two paragraphs and then the benefits to the users in one or two paragraphs.

Readers don’t care, so keep it brief

No one cares about your product! No one wants to read about it, until they actually start reading. In this day and age of 140 characters, readers’ attention spans are for fighting for. So keep your pitches short and sweet. As they say “Brevity is the soul of wilt”.

Give us details on your product

Give us any details on your product that you think would be useful. If your product is an App, make sure you send screenshots or a video of the App. If it’s a physical product like a phone, send us photos and optionally Youtube video demos. Where possible, we would like to have a hands-on experience with your product. Make sure you don’t miss including your;
  • Website
  • Social media channels (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Download link to your app
  • Brief bio of yourself
You’ve no idea how much conversions you can have from including these details.

Network with us

Dignited has about 8 passionate writers whose profiles and contact information you can get from the About us page. So get in-touch with the right person. Drop them a Twitter DM, email, Skype or invite any of them over a cup of coffee. If you can’t reach us that way, then use our contact us page.

A few things to note:

Don’t Copy/Paste

We don’t know how much to stress this, but please be original. Dignited has built a brand based upon original content and you’re not about to ruin it. So get creative and write-up something that’s original to you or to us.

There are No guarantees

Just because you’ve pitched to us doesn’t mean you’ll be published. We’ll get back to you on whether or not your pitch has been accepted and possibly why.

Getting published is FREE!

It’s free to get published on the Dignited. That’s why we’re here in the first place. However, also note that we’ve promoted or sponsored posts that are paid for. We clearly state that bit to our readers so they know.

We’ve the rights to content

Lastly we reserve the edit and remix your pitches to suit our editorial style and guidelines. While we’re Afro-centric, we also accept global products that have an African impact. That is if your product can be used by users from Africa. Dignited Team Website: Email: [email protected] X: @dignited facebook: Hive Colab, 4rd floor, Kanjokya House, Kamwokya, Kampala Uganda East Africa