Spotify Takes Aim at YouTube Music With Limited Music Video Rollout, Kenya Is the Only African Country Represented

Spotify is intensifying the competition with YouTube Music by introducing the ability to play music videos directly within the app. This feature marks a direct strike at YouTube Music’s core strength.

As with most new Spotify features, music video integration is currently exclusive to Spotify Premium subscribers. Users will see a “Switch to Video” button on supported tracks, allowing for a seamless viewing experience right within the Spotify interface. This offers a distinct comparable experience to YouTube Music that allows you to switch between Music and the Music Video with a single tap.

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Spotify officially states,

“We’ll begin to roll out music videos from a select catalog for Premium users in the U.K., Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Kenya.”


This highlights that the feature is in its early stages and music video availability is currently limited. Interestingly, Kenya is the only African nation included in this initial beta rollout and so of course, I had to take it for a spin!

My Beta Experience: It Works (Mostly)

I’ve managed to get the music video feature working on my laptop (both Spotify app and web player). However, it seems a bit finicky on my phone.

While it should work, I haven’t been able to trigger any music videos to play yet. This could be due to typical beta quirks, and hopefully, mobile functionality will be smoother soon.

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Library Size

It’s unclear how extensive Spotify’s music video library will be. Will they focus on recent releases, or dig into the archives? I have been able to watch ABBA and Boney M. videos from the 80s so they’re probably off to a good start.

YouTube remains the undisputed king of music videos and YouTube Music still firmly holds the throne in terms of music video catalog size and accessibility. It’ll be interesting to see how Spotify carves out its own niche in this space.

But that’s not the only battlefront for these two titans in music streaming.

The podcast power play

Spotify isn’t the only one borrowing features. Google’s recent announcement about folding Google Podcasts into YouTube Music positions it as a more formidable rival to Spotify’s long-standing podcast dominance. This strategic move sets up a potential “one-stop-shop” appeal, mirroring Spotify’s successful music and podcast combination.


Spotify’s Edge: AI DJ

Spotify still boasts a unique weapon – its AI DJ. This personalized radio-like experience is surprisingly refined, offering commentary and excellent music discovery. This AI integration could be the factor that helps Spotify stand out in the long run.

Looking Ahead

Will Spotify’s strategic move be enough to sway users away from YouTube Music, especially with the limited video selection?

Could Google find ways to truly merge podcasts and music experiences on YouTube Music to truly rival Spotify? The streaming wars are far from over, and Kenya has a front-row seat to the battle.

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