Google, It’s Not Me, It’s You: A Love-Hate Letter to RCS


Okay, Google, we need to talk about RCS. I get it. You want to save us from the archaic world of SMS. It’s a noble goal – richer messaging, a better experience, and leaving those green text bubbles in the dust. You’re practically a hero with Google Messages, pushing RCS like it’s the future of communication.

And you know what? Part of me wants to believe it. Especially with Apple getting on board the RCS train soon. A unified messaging world? Be still, my beating heart! But then, just when I think we’re getting somewhere, Google, you pull the rug out from under my feet.

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Let’s talk Samsung. I love my Samsung and while the stock messaging app supports RCS, it is a hot mess on their official app.

You want it to work seamlessly? Time to download Google Messages. Fine. Sucks to have two apps that do the exact same thing but, sure! But then, oh, my dual SIM phone. I would at least like the chance to choose which SIM I want to use RCS on, or both!

At the beginning of the year, I got the chance to try out your beta that had this feature enabled, and I loved it! Silly of me to think the feature would stay activated in subsequent updates because literally two days after that, y’all had nuked that flag altogether.

For a brief, glorious two days, dual SIM played nicely with Google Messages and Chat. And then, POOF! Gone. Like it never existed. And hey, thanks for making it impossible to even select which line I want to use for RCS. Do I want to play messaging roulette every time I text?


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I was trying, Google! I really was! RCS and Chat is cool, I’ve seen the potential for the last few years. But I end up back on WhatsApp with friends and family because it actually, you know, works. Consistency is such a basic thing.

But the kicker? The move that made my blood boil? Disabling RCS for phones with unlocked bootloaders and custom ROMs. Seriously? Android, for many of us, IS the ability to customize. We choose devices because of the community support for unlocking and tinkering.

Taking away RCS is the digital equivalent of slapping a “Do Not Touch” sticker on my favorite toy. Google, your crusade for RCS just turned me against it. The inconsistency, the restrictions, the feeling that you’re taking away features rather than adding them – yeah, that’s not what converts look like.

I want to love RCS. But Google, you’re making it near impossible. If this is the future of messaging, I’ll gladly stay in the past.


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