Google Chrome Gets AI Features to Help Organise Tabs, Generate Themes and Write Better

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The way we interact with the web is constantly evolving, and artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in shaping that evolution. Google Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is taking a major leap forward by integrating three innovative generative AI features: AI-powered Tab Grouping, Custom Themes with AI, and AI Writing Assistant.

These features, currently in the experimental stage, promise to make browsing more personalized, efficient, and even creative. Let’s delve into each feature and explore how they can enhance your web experience.

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AI-powered Tab Grouping: Taming the Tab Chaos

Ever feel like your browser is drowning in open tabs? You’re not alone. With AI-powered Tab Grouping, Chrome takes the burden of organization off your shoulders.

How it works: Chrome’s AI analyzes your open tabs, considering their content, theme, and relationships. It then suggests grouping them under meaningful categories. These groups can be automatically named or you can personalize them with emojis for easy identification.


  • Reduced clutter: No more endless rows of tabs stretching across your screen. Find what you need instantly with clear, organized groups.
  • Improved focus: Switch between relevant groups based on your current task, boosting your productivity.
  • Enhanced memory: Recall specific information by revisiting relevant tab groups instead of sifting through individual tabs.

Custom Themes with AI: Express Yourself in Pixels

Gone are the days of generic browser themes. With Custom Themes with AI, you can design a theme that reflects your unique style and preferences.

How it works: Describe your desired theme using keywords for mood, style, and colors. Chrome’s AI, powered by text-to-image diffusion models, generates a visually stunning theme that matches your vision.

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  • Personalized touch: Create a browser environment that feels truly yours, reflecting your personality and interests.
  • Boosted creativity: Spark inspiration with themes that evoke specific moods and atmospheres.
  • Endless possibilities: Experiment with different descriptions and keywords to discover a vast array of unique themes.

AI Writing Assistant: Your Grammar Fairy on the Web

Struggling to craft the perfect email, social media post, or online comment? The AI Writing Assistant comes to your rescue.

How it works: As you type, the AI suggests alternative phrasings, rewrites sentences for clarity and flow, and even adjusts the tone and style of your writing based on your chosen context.


  • Improved communication: Express yourself more clearly and concisely with grammatically correct and well-structured writing.
  • Enhanced confidence: Overcome writer’s block and compose compelling content with the assistance of AI.
  • Boosted productivity: Save time by letting the AI handle grammar and sentence structure, allowing you to focus on content.


The Edge of AI-powered Browsing

While Chrome’s new features are exciting, it’s important to acknowledge that Microsoft Edge, its primary competitor, also offers AI-powered browsing experiences. Edge integrates with Bing AI, which includes features like:

  • Bing Visual Search: Use images to search the web, similar to Google Lens in Chrome.
  • Immersive Reader: Create a distraction-free reading experience with text customization and voice narration.
  • AI-powered Learning Tools: Get dyslexia assistance, grammar suggestions, and other tools to enhance reading comprehension.

However, Edge’s most intriguing AI offering is ChatGPT 4, a powerful AI assistant integrated as Copilot. Copilot offers features like:

  • In-line grammar and style suggestions: Similar to Chrome’s AI Writing Assistant.
  • Real-time code completion and suggestions: Ideal for developers and programmers.
  • Information summarization and research assistance: Can generate summaries of webpages and research findings.

The Future of AI and Browsing

The integration of generative AI into web browsers like Chrome and Edge marks a significant shift in how we interact with the online world. These features have the potential to make browsing more efficient, personalized, and even enjoyable.

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As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative features to emerge. Imagine browsers that can summarize complex webpages in real-time, translate languages seamlessly, or even generate creative content on the fly. The possibilities are endless, and the future of AI-powered browsing is bright.

It will be interesting to see how Chrome and Edge continue to develop their AI offerings and how they compete for dominance in the AI-powered browsing landscape. But one thing remains, the user is the ultimate winner in this race.

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