What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work?

A chatbot is a software application designed to mimic human-like conversations based on user prompts. San Francisco-based OpenAI made its latest creation, the ChatGPT chatbot. The chatbot was available for free public testing on Nov. 30. Today, we shall see and try to understand what this whole GPT thing means.

There are obviously many tech companies trying to come up with chatbots. These companies have since gone to leverage AI and ML in their bots to enhance their capabilities of these bots. Here is Chat GPT that has stormed the internet and especially Twitter over the last few days.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot capable of understanding natural human language and generating impressively detailed human-like written text. It is the latest evolution of the GPT – or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer – family of text-generating AIs.

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How ChatGPT Works

It is based on the company’s GPT-3.5 technology model that uses deep learning to make human-like conversations, understand the natural language, and respond in natural language 

People are comparing the prototype with Google, because of its on sight solution giving capabilities to complex problems, just like a personal tutor. Here is some screenshot from Chat GPT Bot;

“We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests,” OpenAI wrote on its announcement page for ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT is yet another powerful AI bot that competes with some upcoming ones from Google and many other tech companies. We hope you have a little grasp of what this ChatGPT entails. Do let us know If you have used such chatbots before and what you think of the future.


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