Demo Africa 2014

09:00 - 00:00

The launchpad for emerging technology and trends

Nigeria it is…

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In keeping with its naming, DEMO Africa is fulfilling the African vision. This year DEMO Africa will for the first time be hosted in Lagos Nigeria in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Communication and Technology, the National IT Development Agency and the LIONS@FRICA partners.

This is two days of nothing but entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. That is what DEMO Africa celebrates, the men and women who create things that become part and parcel of humanity. We celebrate the innovators and watch them unveil their world changing, world beating business partners and products.

Come witness technology at its birth and at the same time enjoy the company of innovators, mentors, investors and technology news men and women who attend DEMO Africa to report on the next big thing from Africa. This is a must attend event for technology investors, buyers and enthusiasts.

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