Introduction to Processing – Fundi Bots

13/09/2014 - 11/09/2014
10:00 - 17:00

 Introduction to Processing

Learn the basics of computer programming with Processing, a programming environment that allows artists and designers to quickly create fun and interactive programs in Java and other programming languages! Because it is Open and has a large community Processing allows beginners to get started quickly and has enough libraries that more advanced users can find code examples to pursue almost any concept, from video game design and internet connectivity to Android applications and hardware integration. Come learn the basics of computer programming while making a simple character move around the screen. If we have time we may even get into animation!

Fee: 35,000 UGX

Book by sending Mobile Money to 0779653851 (put your name and “Fundi” as the reason) or call 0773080533 / 0793080533 for more information

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Linz Craig

Pre-requisites / Required Skills
None! This class is great for absolute beginners with no knowledge of programming.

Beginner Programming

Concepts covered during this workshop
By the end of this class students will feel comfortable with the basics of computer programming including- variables, variables types, X and Y plotting, creating simple geometric shapes, controlling a shape with the keyboard or mouse and using functions. We’ll do all of this through creating and controlling a cartoon character!

Total time of class- 6 hours. Saturday, September 13th, 10 AM – 5 PM with one hour break for lunch from 12 PM to 1 PM.

Class size: 30 students max.

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Materials/Hardware information
Please bring a laptop. If you do not have a laptop but wish to attend you may be able to borrow a laptop from Fundi Bots. Anyone wishing to borrow a laptop will need to contact Fundi Bots and reserve a laptop as there are a limited number.