A group of young workers passionate about the Web, inspired by the values represented by this well-known African tale, has created the AKENDEWA organization.
AKENDEWA intends to be a powerful organization that rests on the competences of its members and gather an important, motivated and dynamic community.

The Internet is a worldwide computer network. It is a vast spider web that connects billions of people in the world. Based on the IP protocol, it is a global infrastructure which is the foundation for the Web and numerous other services. The Web is a phenomenal source of information. It is a system that enables us to navigate from pages to pages by clicking on links with a navigator.

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The Web is short name for World Wide Web (WWW), which is « toile d’araignée mondiale » in French.
A translation of spider in African culture and especially in languages of the Akan group of Cote d’Ivoire yields the name Akendewa. Akendewa is indeed a spider with a human shape. It is therefore a hominoid. Akendewa often goes by the name of « Kacou Ananze ». He is considered the head of a household; he is very strong in the village (digital) and always has ideas.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akendewa



Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.akendewa.org/

Location: Abidjan - Ivory Coast