iceaddis is a University-based innovation hub, incubator and co-working space for communities. We contribute to Ethiopia’s economic growth by tightening the constructive interaction between researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, creative workers and customers and by promoting local technological solutions to the public.

The aim of iceaddis is to establish a national network of collaboration and a home of Ethiopian made innovations. The network provides spaces where appropriate and value-added technologies will be developed and put into use for communities be it in business or education sectors in Ethiopia.

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Facilitating Communities
iceaddis supports various communities with sharing our space for their purposes. iceaddis is working closely with communities who share the main ideas (innovation | collaboration | entrepreneurship) with iceaddis.

Provision Of Open Space
iceaddis provides for the communities and the green members open space for hosting meetings, conferences,  and community summit events, focused on common visions like innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Business Trainings & Start-Up Coaching
Through its training programs and services, iceaddis stimulates an entrepreneurial drive, raises self-esteem, and incites youth leadership among youth, enabling them to take leaps, use their skills, and channel their initiative to seize opportunities.

Prototyping Facilities
The prototype facilities of iceaddis are small-scale workshops (Fab lab, wood workshop and a metal workshop) offering (personal) fabrication facilities for start-ups.

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Twitter: iceaddis




Email: [email protected]


Location: Addis Ababa - Ethiopia