Nailab (Nairobi Incubation Lab) is a startup accelerator that offers an entrepreneurship program focusing on growing innovative technology driven ideas. This is done through providing business advice, technical training and support, professional mentoring and coaching, giving access to market and fostering strategic partnerships as well as linking them to investors. The incubator has so far transformed the lives of over 100 youth, in the country, through entrepreneurial mentorship and training. Founded in 2011, through a joint venture between its current CEO Sam Gichuru and crowd funding platform, 1%Club founders Bart Lacroix and Anna Chojnacka, Nailab has in the last 4 years managed to incubate over 35 ideas and turned over 40% of them into small companies in different sectors of the economy. Some of these start-ups have gone ahead to raise over 10 million shillings in investor funding and created over 100 jobs.

Every one of Nailab startups is taken through a rigorous judging process to determine the practicality of each startups solution. Each idea has to essentially meet a “need” in the society and provide a feasible solution. The founders zeal and passion is also a key component sort out during the judging phase. The Nailab “incubatee’s” undergo specific training, informed by a curriculum designed with the help of Accenture that lasts between 3 months, depending on how fast the groups are in learning the ropes of entrepreneurship specifically and thereafter stay in the program for another 3 months after launch of their products for the incubator to help in market penetration of the products and solutions developed.

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Location: Nairobi - Kenya