“Small digital republic” in Djidjolé neighborhood, definitely  “Fablab to street level,” … now “Silicon Villa” WɔɛLab is a shared space where innovation is developed daily new approaches to the virtuous productive collaboration African context, the following specifications: # LowHighTech. Prerogatives are: – Centre Ressources , I ncubateur Technology . The venue hosts latent technological potential just waiting to be operated under the double condition of free  and transparent . – Nursery structures  of web domains, digital and ICT. Space-privileged expression of  Technological Democracy . -Dissemination of LowHighTech knowledge accessible to all, voluntary mutual assistance, free technological support for artisans neighborhood, regaining the power to search a Global Intelligence. – University Collaboration and Research Pane . Partnerships with research centers and design schools.Supporting institutions in the process of constitution of their own Lab pole.

*This is a curation of all Tech Hubs In Africa by Dignited.

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Twitter: woelab

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/W%C9%94%C9%9BLab-Lom%C3%A9/183098345158986




Website: http://www.woelabo.com/

Location: Lome - Togo