How to Get Holiday Deals at the Best Prices with Chrome’s New Features


Shopping this holiday just got easier!

On the 15th of December 2022, Google Chrome announced that they’ve rolled out more features to make shopping on the web browser a lot more efficient. 

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Before these updates, you either had to manually track sales across multiple websites or sign up for a ton of newsletters. However, now, you can set up price alerts, get discounts, and find prices online all from Chrome.

In this article, we’ll show you these four chrome shopping features and how you can make the best of them to optimize your purchasing experience. 

1. Get Notified When there’s a Price Slash 

The first feature on the list is the new Chrome price tracker. Instead of signing up for multiple newsletters or constantly refreshing product pages, you can turn on alerts. With this, you’d get notifications when there are price drops across products.

To do this directly from your chrome browser, simply turn on track price once you type in the shopping site on the address bar. 

track prices on chrome
Source: Google’s Blog

Whenever you’re viewing an item on that site, it’ll even show what the current price is and if there are any discounts. So you can always be on top of price changes across any particular product you’re interested in.

Unfortunately, this is only accessible to Android devices and desktops in the United States. But hopefully, it should roll out to the general public before the next holiday season.

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2. Checkout with the Last Item in Stock with Autofill

Ever had to go through so much hassle to get the right deal on Black Friday only for it to get sold out while trying to checkout? Well, you might just be able to avoid this next time. 

Once you save your previous billing information or payment details on Google Pay, you can instantly check out with autofill. This means you don’t have to manually type in the same details every time you want to make a purchase. 

In one tap, Chrome will automatically fill out the form fields just the way you filled it out the last time. Saves you a ton of time spent checking out.

While Chrome autofill may seem like an old feature, not all countries have had this. Chrome recently rolled out this feature to 67 more countries. So if hasn’t been in your region yet, you should definitely check this out.

3. Find Prices with Google Lens

Do you have a picture of cool shoes you can’t wait to get? Well with Google Lens, you can now find that shoe along with its prices across several stores. It’s window shopping on the next level. 

Once you click on the image, simply choose ‘search image with Google Lens’ from the dropdown. After this, you’d see tons of stores with your shoes or other searched products in stock. 

google lens pricing

If you’re ready to make a purchase, the best part of this feature ensures that you can assess all options to find a retailer that better aligns with your budget. 

4. Immediately Get Discount Codes

Waiting for discounts or coupon codes before checking out? Bookmark your carts and let Chrome automatically find discount codes on that shopping site. Once you want to check out, you’d see the codes.

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discount codes with chrome
Source: Google’s Blog

Unfortunately, this is one of the features still limited to desktop devices in the US.

So, which of these features are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t also forget to share with your friends or colleagues who might also be interested in this.


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