Chil Femtech Center Unveils KETI: AI Companion for Understanding Medical Records


Chil Femtech Center is excited to introduce a new feature to its AI chatbot, KETI. This innovative tool helps users make sense of medical records and documents. With KETI, you can write or upload any medical text, and the chatbot will provide clear, easy-to-understand explanations in your native language.

The goal is not to replace doctors but to ensure that medical information is accessible and understandable for everyone, especially those who find medical jargon confusing. Patients have the right to understand their treatment, and providing easy-to-understand information helps realize this important human right.

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Dr. Shamim, CEO of Chil Femtech Center, explains the motivation behind this feature: “We work closely with rural health facilities and understand how difficult it can be for patients to remember everything a doctor says during a virtual visit. Imagine seeing an online doctor who explains your condition, but by the time you get home, you’ve forgotten most of it. Now, with KETI, you can upload the document your doctor gave you, and the bot will provide an explanation to help you remember.”

This new feature aims to empower users by making it easier to understand their health and the care they receive.

Regarding the cost of this service, Dr. Shamim shared, “We’re working hard to find the best way to make this sustainable. One day, the bot itself might help us figure out the best revenue model. For now, we’re excited to offer this service completely free of charge.”

Why KETI was created

  • Chil Femtech works with rural healthcare facilities, where patients might struggle to remember everything after a virtual doctor visit.
  • KETI allows patients to upload their doctor’s documents and receive explanations later, at their own pace.

Are you ready to try KETI?

Simply add the Chil Femtech Center WhatsApp number, 256742006671, to your contacts and start a chat, or click here on this link.

Visit the Chil Femtech Center website at for additional information about KETI and how it can empower you to understand your health better.

Chil Femtech Center is committed to making healthcare more accessible and understandable through innovative technology. The launch of KETI is a significant step towards improving healthcare outcomes, especially for those in rural and underserved communities, as well as urban patients.

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