is now on the web and it totally looks good

Africell Uganda website

This has been long overdue, but Africell Uganda seems to be winding down its re-branding efforts both offline and online. After Orange Uganda sold to Africell, the new telecom has been struggling with its branding efforts.

For over a year, Africell clients have had to logon to while the new was “under construction”.  Now that the bricks have been laid, anything trying to access will automatically be redirected to This shouldn’t be confusing since former Orange customers are aware of the take-over.

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The new website looks completely different –in a good way — from site, not just from theme colors but from layout and design perspective. From content point of view, you’ll still find all the useful information that was previously on the Orange site. You’ll get Africell products and services for consumers and business users such as voice, data and mobile money now rebranded to Africell money. You’ll find Africell phones, modems, routers, data packages and tariffs among other things.

In other news, MTN Uganda also redesigned it’s website about a week ago. The new MTN website isn’t painted all yellow as the previous one. The new website also allows you select other countries where MTN is operational. Well, there’s nothing new from features and content perspective really. No wow factor. If you asked us, we would prefer the new Africell website to the MTN site any day.

Airtel Uganda on the other hand has the worst web presence among all the Telecoms in Uganda. I’ve to google up their website/page everytime I’ve to access their website. I bet you will too unless you can convince me you can remember each time you want to check out anything on their site. But since you have a hardtime remembering your WiFi password, I doubt you’ll.



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