SmileUnlimited is Smile Uganda’s daily Unlimited data bundle

For the price of UGX 10,000 , you can surf non-stop the whole day if you’re on Smile Uganda’s 4G LTE network. That’s right, 10k at speeds of 2Mbps . You will browse Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or update your Apps and operating system thoughtout the day.

This daily unlimited plan joins Smile Uganda’s weekly (at UGX 75,000) and monthly (at UGX 179,000) unlimited data plans. There’s a small caveat though (we know you wanted to know this), Smile’s daily unlimited data bundle allows you to browse at speeds of 2Mbps till your data usage reaches 1.5GB. Once you exceed that data cap, your speeds are throttled to 256Kbps till 24 hours are done.

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