Here are 5 data bundles that every MTN customer must know and how to activate them

In this new data economy where internet has become a household bill, becoming data efficient is key to survival. Data bundles are one of the efficient ways of maneuvering the data jungle to get the most value on a budget. Fortunately MTN Uganda has a couple bundles that cater to the needs of a varied customer audience.

Before we dive in, you should know that MTN is currently running the #JjuzaInternet promotion that doubles your data when you purchase 100MB and above. So if you buy 1GB you get 2 and if you buy 50GB you get 100. Sadly we aren’t sure how much longer the promotion will last. Since that’s not in our control, we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.To Jjuza internet, dial *150*5# before purchasing a bundle.

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Here are the 5 must know bundles for every MTN customer.

Tooti Bundle

This is one of my favorite especially for it’s price. The Tooti Bundle gives you 100MBs valid for an Hour at only Ugx. 500 and 50MBs valid for 30 minutes at Ugx 300. To get the Tooti Bundle dial *150*47# for 100MB and *150*46# for 50MBs

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is convenient for when you need huge data but only for a short time. Let’s say you have a Skype job interview from that Job you’ve been hoping for or maybe you want to stay in touch with family and friends abroad then this would work perfectly. Happy Hour gives you 1GB for one hour at Ugx 4,500 only. To get Happy Hour, dial *150*1*1*7#

Night Shift

This is for the Night Owls who need some good data volumes affordably. So if you want to download that movie, update your software or stream some entertainment then Night Shift will work for you. Night Shift gives you 1GB at only Ugx 2500 from Midnight to 6am. To get Night Shift, dial *150*1*1*5#

WTF Social Bundle

Now you know those days when you want to stay Social with WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook but on budget? The WTF Social Bundle comes in handy. For just Ugx. 200 per day you could choose from either WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook. If you want all 3 for a day you’ll have to part with Ugx. 500. Better still, if you want all 3 for a week, it will cost you Ugx. 2,000

Go Bundles

This is for those who like numbers and would prefer to get a little bit of everything. The Go Bundles give a combination of Voice Calls, Data and SMS valid for a day, a week or a month.

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20 Minutes, 20 SMS, 20MB – 1,500/day

25 Minutes, 25 SMS, 25MB – 2,000/day

150 Minutes, 150 SMS, 150MB – 15,000/Week

300 Minutes, 300 SMS, 300MB – 30,000/Month.

To get Go Bundles, dial *150*2#

If you aren’t a fan of memorising USSD codes, you can download the MyMTN App that will do all the work for you.


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