All you need to know about first-time motor vehicle registration in Uganda

If you have an unregistered car in Uganda, you need to register it with the tax body Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). A few stipulations can make the registration process hard. However, to register your brand new/previously owned car, you’ll need to satisfy a couple of requirements. Below, we’re covering the ins and outs of motor vehicle registration in Uganda

The motor vehicle registration process

This is a process of designating of a unique identification number to a particular motor vehicle. These unique numbers are commonly imprinted on a plate, commonly referred to as ‘number plate’. Motor vehicle registration applies to vehicles imported into and within Uganda.

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Why do you need to register your Motor Vehicle ?

Claim: A motor vehicle user can easily claim ownership of their own vehicle or be the title owner since owner details are captured first time on the entry of vehicle details in the URA system.

Number plate: The process facilitates the acquisition of number plates and registration book for the motor vehicle.

A firm collateral: Banks will only accept a vehicle as security for a loan if its fully registered by URA. Therefore, motor vehicle registration allows one easy access to a loan policy from the bank

Easy tracking: In case you lose the registration book, ownership can be tracked back to you if you personally registered your motor vehicle.

Easy transfer: Buyers will only trust to buy your motor vehicle if you provide your motor vehicle registration documents. This makes the transfer easier for you when you need to sell the vehicle. of the motor vehicle.

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Registration Fees for some common motor vehicle types

Sedan cars, saloon cars, estate cars but excluding dual purpose (goods and passenger) vehicles. 1,218,000
​Estate and station wagon vehicles with engine capacity of 3500 c.c or more ​1,718,000
Medium omnibuses and heavy omnibuses having seating accommodation for more than 28 passengers ​1,218,000
Ambulances and prisons vans ​318,000
​Motorcycles ​268,000
​Hearses ​818,000
Goods vehicles with a loading capacity of two tonnes and below ​918,000
​Goods vehicles with a loading capacity of more than two tonnes but less than seven tonnes ​1,018,000
​Goods vehicles with a loading capacity of more than seven tonnes but less than ten tones 1,068,000
​Goods vehicles with a loading capacity of more than ten tonnes ​1,268,000
Trailers and semi Trailers with a gross weight below seven tonnes ​718,000
Trailers and semi Trailers with a gross weight of seven tonnes or more ​1,018,000
Agricultural trailers ​318,000
​Agricultural tractors ​268,000
​Engineering plant and other related vehicles ​1,518,000
​Prime movers or tractor heads ​1,268,000
Personalised Number Plates
At the first time registration, one pays the registration fees as shown above in the table depending on the vehicle and in addition, also pays the fee for the personalised plates which are 20,000,000 for motor vehicles or 1,500,000 million for motorcycles.

Requirements for first-time vehicle registration in Uganda

​Bill of Lading or Airway Bill, RTCD Mandatory
​Registration Book/ Cancellation Certificate; from the country of origin in case of used vehicles. ​​Mandatory
The supplier’s original invoice ​Mandatory
The certificate of origin and insurance Certificate ​Mandatory
Verification Account from ICD in case of new vehicles, or from border posts Mandatory
Translation of documents which are not written in English ​Optional
Transit documents C63, T1 ​Mandatory
​Identification in case of individuals, Certificate of Incorporation in case of Companies ​Mandatory
Appointment of a Clearing Agent Mandatory​

Conditions for registration in Uganda

Before you consider motor vehicle registration in Uganda, the motor vehicle should be:

  • Legally imported into the country from the country of origin.
  • Fit for the purpose for which it is intended to be used.
  • All relevant duties should have been paid.
  • All other legal documents should have been provided.
  • The vehicle should be legally exported from the country of origin.
  • The importer of the vehicle or motorcycle must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Where to do motor vehicle registration in Uganda

DT Regional Service centers Office Hours of work: 08:00 am – 05:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Closed on: Weekends and Public holidays Email: [email protected]
A.   Central Region
s/n Station Location details Office Contacts
1.     CENTRAL SERVICE OFFICE Plot 17 Hannington Road Crested Towers (Tall tower) 1st & 2Floor, Kampala +256417443037 or +256417443222
2.     MUKONO SERVICE OFFICE Plot 39, Church House above Stanbic Bank Mukono, Kampala Road- Mukono town. +256 417-445220  
3.     CENTRAL SERVICE DISTRICT- LIASON OFFICE Plot 17/19, Diamond Trust Building , Opposite Cham Towers -Kampala Road   +256 417-443611
4.     DOWNTOWN LIASON OFFICE Aponye Building, Inside UBA Bank – William Street, Kampala +256 417-443617
5.     KAMPALA NORTH OFFICE Plot 951/952 Makerere Kubbiri Round- about, Bombo Road +256417-444615
6.     RENTAL OFFICE Plot 951/952 Makerere Kubbiri Round- about, Bombo Road 0717440690 +256772501209
7.     ENTEBBE OFFICE Plot 24 , Opposite Entebbe Junior School, Gower’s Road +256 417-443636  
8.     HEADQUARTER SERVICE OFFICE (HSO) Plot M193/M194, NIP building Nakawa URA Headquarters, Kinawataka Road. +256 417-442143
9.     KAMPALA SOUTH OFFICE Plot 17-21, Next to Gadhafi Mosque, Old Kampala road. +256 417-444605/40
10.   KAMPALA EAST OFFICE Plot 3-7 , Nakawa Business Park building , Port bell Road, Block B 1st floor +256 417-444614
11.   NANSANA Block 203,Nansana-Hoima road; Building name: Katonda ya bigera House; Near  Total Petrol Station Nabweru Bagenda Kabuye Robert 0772505770
12.   NATETE Plot 125,Next to new police station; Building name: Birus Mall Mukalugwiza cissy 0717440721
13.   KYALIWAJALA Plot 1667, Kyaliwajjala-Namugongo-Kira Road, Martyrs Mall. +256 32-3448001
B.   Eastern Region
1.     MBALE OFFICE Plot 23 Masaba Complex, Republic street Mbale municipal council   +256 417-444950
2.     BUSIA OFFICE Busia One Stop Border Post (OSBP) Building, Sofia A, Customs Road- Busia Municipality. +256 417-443558
3.     TORORO OFFICE Plot 17 URA Building, Opposite Children’s Park, Busia Road +256 417-445501
4.     JINJA OFFICE Plot 2A URA Building, next to Spire road primary school Jinja, Nadiope Spire / Nadiope Junction +256 417-443840
5.     SOROTI OFFICE Plot 37, Harridas road, Soroti Town  +256417-445480
6.     IGANGA OFFICE Plot 120 Iganga main street. Opposite iganga Police +256 417-443800
7.     MOROTO OFFICE Plot M32 Independent Avenue Moroto (Moroto DLG Offices) – Moroto Uganda +256 417-443755 +256 417-443756
8.     GULU OFFICE Plot 25, Above Housing Finance Bank, Labwor road +256 417-443751
9.     LIRA OFFICE Plot 2628 Tipopaco House, Olwol road  +256417-444889
10.   KITGUM OFFICE Plot 197, After GAPCO Petrol Station, Uhuru Drive +256 417-444825
11.   ARUA OFFICE Plot 1, Bat valley close opposite Arua  hill grounds +256417-443501
12.   KOBOKO OFFICE Plot 10, Moyo Road, After Round About, Aliasi Apaga’s Building. +256-417445162.
13.   MOYO OFFICE Plot 18, Panarobe building, Kerelu Crecent Next to Uganda Police Moyo +256 417-445176
14.   NEBBI OFFICE Plot 24, Milton Avua House Pakwach Road, Opposite Main  Mosque, Nebbi Municipal Council +256323443814
1.     FORTPORTAL OFFICE Plot1, Ruhandiika Street, opposite UBA Bank Fort Portal Municipality +256 417-443722
2.     HOIMA OFFICE Plot 48, Kitara Courts on Main Street Adjacent to Muganwa Centre. +256 417-443780
3.     KASESE OFFICE Plot 56, Rwenzori Road +256 417-444754
4.     MASINDI OFFICE Plot 17/19, Opposite Masindi High Court, Masindi Port road +256 417-445012 or +256 417445013
5.     MITYANA OFFICE Plot 69, Opp Kolping Hotel, Katakala road +256 417-445158
6.     MBARARA OFFICE Plot 3B,  Next to Stanbic Bank, Stanley road +256 417-445037
7.     KABALE OFFICE Plot 92, Opposite NSSF office, Kabale-Mbarara Road +256 323-443940 or  +256 323-443941
8.     MASAKA OFFICE Plot 27 Brovad House, Opposite  DFCU Bank, Kampala Road +256 417-444981
9.     BUSHENYI OFFICE Plot 199 Abaanyu House, Ishaka Town +256 417-443540
10.   RUKUNGIRI OFFICE Plot 24 Taifa Arcade, Rukungiri town +256 417-445437
11.   KYOTERA Plot 316 Mutukula Road,Wotonava Building (Building with Letshego) Happy Tumwesigye 0717442617
12.   IBANDA Plot 34 Ibanda Town, KazRut House Ssemmanda joseph 0712562962
1. PSO Plot 3-7 , Nakawa Business Park building , Port bell Road, Block B 2nd  floor +256 417 443069/77/78​


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