#DataBlastaForEveryone: Airtel Uganda slashes Internet data rates by up to 140%. Here are the new rates

Slash! Slash! Slash! There go the old Airtel Uganda data rates. From now, henceforth, you will get more internet data for your money. To be more specific, Airtees will now enjoy more stable 3G/4G internet data slashed by as much as 60 %, 100% up to 140%! Now here’s news Airtel Uganda’s 10 million subscribers want to hear. We are practically giddy with excitement!  By the number of hashtags Airtel riding the Twitter and Facebook current i.e #DataBlasta, #InternetforEveryone, #DataBlastaforEveryone, we believe Airtel is excited about this new development as well.

The smallest daily data volume stayed put at 10MB for UGX 250. But who can blame them? That’s small potatoes. 10MB can barely wet my smartphone’s throat. The notable data increments start from the UGX 500 bundle which now carries 40MB from 25MB. That’s almost double! UGX 1,000 now gets you 100MB up from 60MB. These amount to the 60% increment we were talking about.

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Airtel had announced some new data bundles a while back for 300MB and 1GB priced at UGX 2,000 and UGX 5,000 respectively, with the latter expiring in 3 days. Those stayed put the same rates. A new addition is the 400MB data volume at UGX 3,000.

The weekly bundles saw some revision as well. UGX 7,000 now gets you 1GB. The closest old data volume in this region is 850MB which went for UGX 10,000. 3GB goes for UGX 15,000 while 5GB will cost you UGX 20,000. For comparison, 2GB of data previously went for UGX 20,000. That’s more than double the data, for the same amount. Hence the 100% drop we are talking about.

It gets more interesting with the bigger monthly data bundles. For only UGX 30,000, you get yourself 5GB of data. Add 20K more for 12GB at UGX 50,000. A 25K addition gets you an eye-popping 20GB all for the price of UGX 75,000. And slashes get wider and wider. Thank you, Airtel!

New Airtel Uganda Data Rates #DataBlastaForEveryone

FrequencyNew Data VolumeOld Data VolumePrice
25MBUGX 500
100MB60MBUGX 1,000
300MB300MBUGX 2,000
400MBUGX 3,000
1GB1GBUGX 5,000
Weekly1GB(850MB for UGX 10,000)UGX 7,000
3GBUGX 15,000
5GB2GBUGX 20,000
Monthly5GB(3.5GB for UGX 35,000)UGX 30,000
12GB5.5GBUGX 50,000
20GB(7GB for UGX 60,000)UGX 75,000
25GB12GBUGX 90,000
51GB(15GB for UGX 105,000)UGX 150,000

You know this wouldn’t be a post if we don’t compare and contrast with MTN Uganda, the other member in the 10-million-subscriber club. As is expected, MTN Uganda isn’t one to wait for an invitation. As of writing this post, their data rates have been revised to reflect Airtel’s. Now, it gets interesting when we get you look closer and also get to the weekly bundles. More on this in a later post.

May the Data Wars Begin!

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