Here is your first online church in Uganda


Nakasero based All Saints Cathedral social media team in conjunction with SMS Media Uganda have designed an Android app to keep you updated with all the church activities. The Church which was founded in 1912 was facing a growing need to accommodate the fast growing tech savvy christians. The resultant app designed  is 8.9 MB and has support for entry level smartphones — starting from v2.2.

The All Saints Cathedral App has all the information you want: Before, During and After each Church service and event. Keep in touch with your church and be informed about all the activities going on while on the go. From Service information to wedding banns, to progress with the construction of the new church. This is a one stop place for you to keep updated. — All Saints Cathedral’s blog

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The application provides you with all the information before, during and after a service at the church. You can also stay in touch with all the activities going on at the church like service time, verses read, wedding announcements, the hymns of the day, events plus directions to the location of the events, collection information and also progress with the construction of the new church among others.

The more engaging feature on the app is the ability to seek a prayer request, this draws a point of continuous communication of the congregation and the clergy through out the week.

Download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

Image via SMS Media Uganda


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2 thoughts on “Here is your first online church in Uganda

  1. I think some churches are already online…using different ways to engage the public other than having an app necessarily.

  2. With the edge of gadgets especially in church, I think preachers have a lot of adjusting to do. You can never tell if the congregation is looking up that scripture, updating a status or texting after all this generation is or has mastered multi-tasking. Am yet to see a church with free wifi

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