Hello Google, Microsoft is bringing HERE Maps to Android

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Believe it or not, Microsoft has brought its mapping service to Google’s playing ground — Android — starting with a beta version. Apparently Microsoft is not intimidated at all by Google’s Google maps which has set a gold standard for mobile mapping services.

Microsoft, however, isn’t fighting like one who aimlessly beats the air. The software giant that inherented the mapping service from Nokia is touting the service as one that can be used with or without an internet connection as we can see in the features listed below;

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  • Offline navigation: Interactive maps and turn-by-turn voice guidance are still available even without an internet connection.
  • Maps to download and to use offline for nearly 100 countries.
  • Public transport maps and directions for over 800 cities in over 40 countries, also when you’re offline.
  • Live traffic info for more than 40 countries.
  • Plan your journey on beta.here.com, then find your way there using your mobile.
  • Personalise your map by creating Collections of your favourite places.
  • Share your location with family and friends in real time as you go via Glympse. It’s private, secure and safe.

HERE maps have been available on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform which run on Lumia devices. Android users can however also view Google maps offline with some simple tricks although this only allows them to save certain segments of the Map for offline access, not the whole thing.

How to install HERE for Android

Ready to install HERE Maps on Android? Simply download the apk by clicking here and then follow the following instructions in accordance to the HERE maps site.

  • Download the app to your Android smartphone.
  • If required, adjust your phone’s security settings as instructed.
  • Install the app, open and enjoy.

Just make sure “unknown sources” is checked in your phone settings. This ensures that non-play store applications can be installed on your device.

UPDATE: HERE Maps is owned by a division of Nokia that was not acquired by Microsoft. So as warcaster and other commenters have  already said, it’s Nokia, not Microsoft or  “Microsoft’s Nokia” that’s bring HERE Maps to Android. 

Image: HERE

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2 thoughts on “Hello Google, Microsoft is bringing HERE Maps to Android

  1. Huh? Microsoft has nothing to do with Here. Here is owned by Nokia – not Microsoft’s “Nokia”, the other one.

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