Whatsapp now lets you know when your text has been read, not just delivered

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Emulating its predecessor  the good old SMS technology, Whatsapp can now give more detailed delivery report. The popular messaging service that aims to completely wipe out SMS now shows you whether or not your message was, not just delivered but read by the recipient by way of highlighted blue double check marks.

The message service provider updated its FAQ page with these changes. Many users including myself had confused the grey double check marks to mean that the recipient had read the message. On the contrary, the grey double checks only indicate that the message has been delivered to the recipients phone. Whether or not they actually read the message was another question altogether even though one could guess with the “last seen” indicator in the menu bar.

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In a group chat, the second check marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message but the two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message, the provider has noted in the FAQ page. You should start receiving the new read receipts so long as you have the newest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS.

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