Here is how to contact MTN Uganda customer care on WhatsApp

Contact MTN Uganda on WhatsApp

MTN Uganda has finally rolled out WhatsApp for Business — a platform that allows businesses and customers to interact over WhatsApp. According to the telecom, customers can now message MTN customer care service team for all inquiries and concerns.

MTN Uganda customer care has a history of being hard to reach. The Internet was covered in a sea of negative comments from displeased customers who took solace on social media by throwing insults and complaints about the customer service. But the behemoth telecom has put a lot of resources to improve customer care and I can say it’s at par or sometimes better than some telecoms in Uganda.

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Twitter user below talking about “difficulty to get to MTN Uganda customer care” in 2015

However, with the introduction of a WhatsApp solution, you no longer need to wait endlessly on the phone for an MTN Customer care representative to pick up and attend to your issues.

Now you can just send them a text detailing your inquiries or issues and then wait for the response.

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Here is how to Contact MTN Uganda on WhatsApp.

  • Save the MTN Uganda customer care number, 0772 123 100 in your address book.
  • Refresh WhatsApp contacts
  • Send your concerns to MTN Uganda

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    my agent lines are now blocked and unfortunately am abroad-saudi Arabia, what should I do? And I don’t want them to be suspended completely. Help and give me advice

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