Telegram App lets you Edit Sent Messages

Popular instant messaging app Telegram has added a bunch of new useful features in their latest update guaranteed to attract the ire of WhatsApp users. Telegram users starting with Version 3.9 edit sent messages, access in-line bots through the attachment menu and mention people in groups, even those without usernames. Check out Telegram’s blog for a complete list of new features, These features work in both individual chats and and groups as well.
Perhaps what’s got us most excited is being able to edit sent messages which is has so far been lacking in chat apps with the exception of Skype and BlackBerry Messenger which have had the option to edit those annoying typos for a couple of years now. Smartphone keyboards are notorious for imposing nonsensical autocorrected words as you quickly type during a conversation. (iPhone, anyone?) WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger only let you delete sent messages but know that they are only deleted on your side and they remain visible on the other end.
 Telegram: edit sent messages
Editing Telegram messages is quite intuitive, Tap and Hold on a sent message to bring up the option to edit. The edited message will be clearly marked edited same way you see it on Facebook, I suppose so that there isn’t any confusion. Or mischief. You can only edit history so much. The editing option can only be used for 2 days after the message has been sent.

Telegram now also lets you mention people (using the @ symbol) in group chats, even those without a username which wasn’t the case before. Your favorite in-line bots can now easily be accessed from the attachment menu. Other new features include pulling up your friend list in search, and other interface improvements.

WhatsApp fans will perhaps gloat that they have something Telegram shows no signs of adding to their arsenal: WhatsApp calls and now rumors of WhatsApp Video Calls as well. Telegram came out to state that their focus is only chat for the foreseeable future but we are not complaining. Yet. Telegram has a bunch of neat features and clusters of loyal fans from across the world keeping it top on the WhatsApp alternatives list.

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