Satellite Communication workshop to be held at Makerere College of Computing

The college of computing and information science Makerere (CoCIS) with International Telecommunications Satellites Organisation (ITSO) plus International Telecommunications Union (ITU) are to hold a workshop regarding Satellite Communications for English speaking countries in Africa.

This is going to be a 5 day (from 9th Sept to 13th Sept) workshop which will deliver a satellite communication training as the partnership between ITU and ITSO for capacity building states, thus expect experts on the subject to be in the building.

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Who will benefit more from this workshop if they show face? The telecoms, yes MTN, Orange, Airtel(Warid), even the old lady UTL and all the many internet providers plus the tech enthusiasts.

Why them? Because the topic to be discussed and presented will help improve they services to customers. Topics like;

Network planning and link budget analysis,

Basics of satellite communications

Policy and Regulatory guidelines for Satellite Services

VSAT installation and maintenance

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VSAT Equipment and bandwidth procurement

All the topics above can address a number of issues our communication systems are facing and improve service deliver to masses.

Interested in attending this, there is no attendance fee charged thus you can work in to the workshop and learn something new about Satellite technology and how we as Uganda can tap in to it.


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