Airtel Uganda launches 50% data bonus promo

Late year Airtel launched it’s 3.75GB mobile internet offer and it took the Techie Community by storm. The Airtel Uganda internet promotion provides fast and cheap internet compared to other internet providers. In their continued bid to drive mobile Internet penetration, usage, acquisitions and revenues, Airtel Uganda has come up with another exciting promotion for its customers. “Buy a Data Bundle and Get 50% Bonus” Volume for the same price for the same period.
So what does this  mean to a tech developer using internet to code away and find relevant information online?

Internet is required to download software resources, so if the Internet is fast and cheap plus in abundance you are able to download a number of softwares to try out than just being limited to less data and pocket change says our in house Web developer Frank.

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Because most technology Startups rely mostly on reading online to acquire more knowledge on what they are developing, this Airtel Bonus offer comes in handy. Most innovators read online books, magazines, do research and get to know about tech conference, these all need internet which is fast and cheap. Plus the faster and abundance of the internet the easier to download big files in less time with less money. Am going to enjoy the 1.5GB per day for 10,000 Ugx, that is a great offer for uploading content on our website says David, our in-house Editor

Onyait Odeke says;
As a startup there is always not enough money for most things like the most needed internet but this offer from Airtel makes it easier on the finances. Cheap internet helps Tech Startups spend less money. With the above I think this offer will be welcomed by many including but not limited to Tech Startups, Bloggers,  Developers and Innovators.

This promotion begun yesterday 14th-Feb-2013 and is to run for 90 days (3 months) which gives Techies enough time to enjoy it and save on money. It does not cater for the daily 60MB subscriptions of 500 Ugx, 2000 Ugx for 200MB
Below is the table with the Airtel  Data Bonus promotion.

Price(sh) Bundle (MB) Validity  period Bonus (%) Bonus Volume (MBs) New Bundle (MB) USSD subscription shortcut
2,000 200 1 Day 50% 100 300 *175*14#
5,000 600 50% 300 900 *175*12#
10,000 1 GB 50% 500 1.5 GB *175*13#
2,500 80 1 week 50% 40 120 *175*21#
5,000 150 1 month 50% 75 200 *175*32#
15,000 400 50% 200 600 *175*33#
25,000 700 50% 350 1.0 GB *175*34#
45,000 1.5GB 50% 750 2.3 GB *175*35#
85,000 3.5 GB 50% 1.8 GB 5.3 GB *175*36#
100,000 5 GB 50% 2.5 GB 7.5 GB *175*37#
150,000 12 GB 50% 6.0 GB 18.0 GB *175*38#


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One thought on “Airtel Uganda launches 50% data bonus promo

  1. This is an interesting offer especially for developers. I don’t know what I would with 1GB data for a day. I would prefer it stretched over a month or week.
    I will wander though how much traffic( or speeds) they can handle if a big percentage of their clients decided to use 1Gb a day.

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