Fliki: Create Videos from Text with AI Voiceovers in One App

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The cost of hiring a brand videographer or animator can be quite expensive, especially for small business owners. This is why you need an AI tool that can convert text to videos. Sadly, while it has been a helpful option, most businesses and creators have used stock audio or manually record a voiceover. 

But that’s about to be a thing of the past. In this post, we’ll share details about an AI assistant – Fliki. With this software, you can create videos from text and use AI to generate voiceovers, all in one app. Keep reading to learn more about how it works.

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What is Fliki?

Fliki is an AI text-to-speech and video generator. This software converts texts from blog posts or video scripts into videos with lifelike AI voices. You can use this to create podcasts, audiobooks, marketing materials, training videos and so much more in a minute. 

We love that they have a huge library of over 850 AI voices in 77+ languages and dialects. So the voiceovers don’t feel as robotic as you’d expect. 

What Features Are Available on Fliki?

Being a very versatile software, you can use Fliki to create so many materials. Some of the features we recommend exploring include;

1. Convert Blog Articles to Video

You can convert blog posts into a video you can repurpose on your socials. All you need to do is add the article URL and generate. This AI will start by summarizing the article into short digestible bits, find the perfect corresponding visuals and create a video. It’ll also create a voiceover with your preferred voice and add subtitles. 

2. Convert Text to Speech

Unlike other AI voiceovers, the text-to-speech feature offers you human-like voiceovers. Since there are over 1000 voices in 75 languages, you’re going to get voices that suit your specific region. Some of these languages include; Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Armenian, Hebrew, Chinese, and Basque, to mention a few.

We also love that there are voice styles like angry, sad, excited and so much more. This is guaranteed to make the voices even more realistic.

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3. Use the Vast Media Library

Since there are millions of potential use cases, Fliki provides a vast media library to meet each of these instances. So you can get millions of images, video clips and even stock audio for your background music. With these multiple options, you won’t have to worry about getting the right visuals to go with your preferred scenes.

4. Make Short Videos from Tweets

Fliki allows you to import tweets into the app by pasting the tweet link in the bar. It’ll then automatically generate a video for you. You can choose to change the voice, card background colour, text colour and more from the video settings. Use this video on your TikTok, IG reel, Youtube and your other video-sharing platforms

5. Auto-generate Subtitles for Your Videos

When converting your text to video, Fliki automatically adds subtitles for the AI voiceover which helps eliminate the need to manually upload subtitles. We love that you can also make these subtitles interactive by choosing how they display. So for example, you make them display phrase-by-phrase or word-by-word.

6. Translate to Multiple Languages

If you’re a small business owner with multiple audience types, you might need to reach a global audience. Use this translate feature to translate your existing audio or videos into multiple languages. For example, you can switch your video from English to Hebrew. This will include the audio and subtitles.

How to Convert Text to Videos with Fliki

To start creating videos from text with Fliki, here’s how you can do this;

  • Log in to your Fliki account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free here.
  • On the dashboard, tap on the “+New file” button, and enter your file name

    create fliki video
  • Select the video type you’d like to create and “Create”
  • Tap on “Convert” and select what type of content you want to convert. It could be a tweet, blog post, or more
  • Paste the link to the tweet or article and select the length of the video you want

    convert video on fliki
  • Once the video is generated, you can further edit the voice and visuals

    edit video
  • After editing, preview your video and once you’re satisfied, export the video

Fliki Pricing

For starters, there’s a free plan. So if you need to whip up something real quick, you can do that without committing to a paid plan. 

With this plan, you can turn blog posts, PPTs and tweets into videos, use 300 AI voices, and download 5 minutes of content per month. Unfortunately, videos and audios come with a watermark. You can also only download 720p low-resolution videos.

If you want to upgrade your plan, there are three paid plans available – basic, standard and premium. Pricing starts at $8 a month.

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Wrapping Up

Although Fliki is a great way to generate videos for your Youtube videos, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s still a work in progress. So while it might not work for super technical or detailed articles, it’s perfect when you need stock videos or a narrator. 

Do use this AI assistant and let us know if it was helpful in the comments below.


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