Everyone has a story, but how can you find it? Here’s how Storipot aims to be the answer

It’s important to understand that different people are meant to do different things. Some people spend their day patiently tending to the sick around-the-clock in pediatric ICUs, while others brave the scorching sun in the outskirts trying to make the next mass-market handcraft. Knowing what your strengths are can help you in making decisions in what you really want to do in life.

No matter what you choose to do, at the end of the day you have a story to tell.

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Whilst, a handful have done a good job sharing with the world their experiences and maybe perspectives too, majority of us are tucked comfortably at the end of the consumption chain. Perhaps tapping away at the circles and rectangles that serve us with modern day digital content.

Of course, this is a classic case of what has become of the interwebs especially with the meteoric rise of the personal media – popularly known as social media. We believe that we have done an awesome job at creating gunges of data (stories) that are locked up in these walled conduits of social networking. The communities there are thriving and are more accessible like never before. To put it more tacitly, social media netizens are hyperlocal! they are the mavericks! they are unstoppable!

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But why is finding a good story  such a daunting task? keeping up with a several platforms is overburdening. What you get now is a machine-gun barrage of news/stories. Even though the stories could be appealing and informative, the context matters a lot. And it’s oft missing.

Scenario: a talented journalist jots a polished narrative of beautifully laid out content containing professional photography of deserted battlefields and poverty stricken juveniles loitering the streets. There is a tight and compelling narrative. Everyone is touched. Beguiled. Saddened. When rapport is built, even the few scattered truths suddenly become gospel truths.

Alas, but that story wasn’t the full picture, and it generally left out a lot of necessary perspectives that would have changed the whole narrative. Unfortunately, it had already made well punctuated rounds on the international scene. The locals in the backyard are beguiled. Saddened. The lies there under are maddening.

A few years later it’s usually the same rhetoric. Repeat. Rewind. Repeat. Rewind.

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We have witnessed the dire need for more local content in the recent past. Content that appeals to the local masses; be it lifestyle, political, technology et al. While at that, we want to easily discover this content amid the noise that characterises the internet today without having to break the great wall of China. We want to add our voices. We want to be listened to.

To the content creators, there are a couple of challenges too:

storipot on mobile

storipot on mobile

We have all been through this classic writer’s predicament: you start off exploring big, ambiguous story. You have an engaging plot in your head. You scribble it down. Looks sweet! Excitement builds! You start typing away a flurry of keystrokes. So sick! The writerly questions start building up. Should you go with haiku or a long form article? May be the lede should be more captivating. Oh! This would have been a great time to sling in that joke in action! Before you know it, 80% of the time has been spent on what is best known as disguised writing.

It’s not you. It’s the dragon at work. Promise.

Well, the steadfast community at Storipot will not persecute you for any misdeeds but in fact encourage you and help you grow.

Here is Storipot’s preposition in brief: Aggregating the widely segmented stories onto a widely accessible singular and intuitive platform – a mobile first website. While at that, Storipot will be encouraging and motivating the remaining majority to be part of the grand revolution of owning up our narratives.

Unlike various platforms of media, the internet has a strong sense of camaraderie. We are very passionate about how we browse in pursuit of content – of all kinds – to the point that we don’t care whether it’s Thursday or late in the night on a Sunday. We just want to be in the loop. Storipot banks on this in fostering the spirit of sharing and creating.

As you consider joining the storipot community of people who write life changing, inspiring and entertaining stories, know you have the opportunity to influence millions of people’s daily lives. You can write better “how-to” about a local problem no one had documented before or even create the narrative that influences the political movement and election outcome. The opportunity to make the footprint on the world is up to you.

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